1907 Grill opens in Stephenville

By: Taite Read

Graphic Designer 

During Covid, the Agave and City Limits night club in Stephenville were closed down. However, it did not take long for owners VW and Cynthia Stephens to get something back up and running. 

The Stephens recently opened 1907 Grill. 

The Stephens are owners of the Purple Goat and VW’s Spot. They are also business partners with Audie and Adra Wienecke for City Limits Sports Academy. 

With the remodel from the Agave to 1907 Grill, there has been some big changes. 

Manager, Tara Caldera describes how she feels about the new atmosphere at 1907 Grill compared to the Agave.

“They changed up the concept from more sit-down style to walk up and order, casual,” Caldera said. 

The new restaurant offers a variety of different foods, from a diverse appetizer menu with wings, a charcuterie board and Frito pie to entrees like hamburger steak, hot dogs and meatloaf. Guests can also choose from an assortment of salads, burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. 

“Kind of like sports bar meets family dining,” Caldera said.

Inside the 1907 Grill
Photo by: Taite Read

This restaurant has more than just food. They offer a golf simulator, air hockey tables and pool tables.

Upon entering 1907 Grill, you order at the front counter and pick a table to sit down at. After your food is ready, your server brings it out to your table.

Dining at 1907 Grill will give you an experience that other restaurants in Stephenville might not offer.

“I feel like Cynthia and VW strive to offer something to Stephenville that is different from corporate options,” Caldera said.

The 1907 Grill offers a variety of options. The venue could be used for business meetings, family night dinners or a night with friends renting the golf simulator.

Caldera also said the Stephens plan to open a multi-field complex behind the Purple Goat restaurant. 

The 1907 Grill, as well as Purple Goat, try to include Tarleton students in their businesses. They make it easy for organizations to hold events at the venues offered by the Stephens. 

“I have Plowboys who work here and girls that run track and just general students,” Caldera said.

She encourages current workers to share about their businesses to keep Tarleton as involved as they can. 

Caldera said the most popular menu item right now is their pizzas, but she encourages everyone to try something off the entrée menu because they are more homestyle foods. 

The 1907 Grill, City Limits Sports Academy, Purple Goat and VW’s Spot are all located at 1907 E. Washington St. Stephenville, Texas. 

Since 1907 Grill just opened, they are still trying to find the hours that best suit their establishment. 

They recommend checking Facebook for current hours, which are subject to change. 

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