A lack of communication concerning classes following Thanksgiving Break

By: Blair Phillips

Multimedia Journalist

Tarleton State University students have shown concern and confusion on how the semester will go following Thanksgiving break due to a lack of information on the matter from Tarleton officials.

A screenshot of the Tarleton COVID-19 roadmap located at https://www.tarleton.edu/roadmap/index.html.

Circulating rumors have said that Tarleton will follow suit of Texas A&M University’s College Station campus, who is returning to online courses only after the three-day break and conducting all finals online in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 after students travel home for the holiday.

Contrary to rumors spreading among students and some faculty, the Tarleton COVID-19 Roadmap states, “The University will adhere to the published fall 2020 catalog unless directed otherwise by Gov. Greg Abbott or the Texas A&M University System. The semester begins Thursday, Aug. 20, with Tuesday, Dec. 1, the last day for in-person classes. Dec. 2 is a reading day in preparation for finals Dec. 3-9.”

When asked to comment on the students’ confusion, Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Communications Cecilia Jacobs said, “The University calendar is correct. The last day of in-person Fall 2020 classes is Dec. 1.”

It is still unclear whether finals will be given in-person, online or if students will be allowed to choose how to take their final exams. When asking professors what they have heard about finals Texan News was informed that the professors are also unsure of exactly how exams will go and how they will be given. 

This uncertainty is stirring throughout campus and students are trying to find answers, but no one knows for sure how the last few weeks of the semester will be conducted. Texan News will continue to monitor the situation and keep students informed on what is going on as the University releases more information.  

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