A Very Merry Perri Christmas (5 out of 5 Stars)

K’Leigh Bedingfield

Texan News Service

Before Halloween could even say, “BOO!” Christina Perri had already gotten into the Christmas spirit with the release of her new EP, “A Very Merry Perri Christmas”. The romantic singer/songwriter created a holiday album with one original song and five renditions from artists such as The Carpenters, John Lennon and Bach.

Perri leads off with her original song “Something About December,” which sets the cozy mood of hot chocolate, warm blankets, and cuddling on the couch next to a crackling fire. The mix of the soft piano and Perri’s melodic voice passes the song as an old jazz record with a new, pop twist. It is a song that takes listeners back to their own memories of the holidays and reminds them why everybody falls in love with December in the first place.

The Philadelphia native creates her own vibe on this holiday album when she sings her own renditions from some of her favorite artists. Perri is known for being an old soul, and she shows her love for that by performing songs from older generations such as the 1970s. “Merry Christmas Darling” has the folk type music that evolved from The Carpenters. She includes the steel guitar, as The Eagles did, in “Please Come Home for Christmas.” The old soul even performs a hippie song by the one and only John Lennon, who wrote “Happy Xmas (War Is Over).” Lastly, Perri leaves us with the classic “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” which leaves a lasting impression of what Christmas is all about. Perri’s genuine character and love is brought out in each of these commemorative songs.

From a diner manager to overnight stardom, Perri keeps on making her mark in the music world. For the girl who is not the one to follow suit, she stays true to her own style. She brings out many different facets of music and ties them all together with a pretty bow. She creates a style that is romantic, soft yet raw, and jazz-like, but she creates a style that is strong, joyful, fun, and somewhat retro.

Perri’s new EP will be one that reinforces her talent and uniqueness, and it is one to keep for the books. The old and eclectic, yet new and fresh Christmas album sheds a new light on the Christmas holidays, and makes listeners want to start their holiday countdown. She must have her own “Jar of Hearts,” because Christina Perri is captivating the hearts of fans one song at a time.

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