Asexual Awareness Week

 By Haley Ivey—

Guest Writer

Asexual Awareness Week is observed Oct. 21st to 27. This week is to celebrate and educate people all around the world about asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and grey-asexual experiences.

What is Asexuality? It is someone who does not experience sexual attraction towards anyone. According to the asexual awareness website, they state that “Most individuals find there are certain people they are not sexually attracted to. For asexuals, this includes everybody.”

This week was to celebrate and help people learn more about others around them.

Texan News spoke to a few of the students on the Tarleton State University campus who identify in different ways. Many students on campus have heard of the term asexual, though they don’t know much about it. When asked if students were aware of the asexual awareness week most said that they had no idea that there was a week. One student who identifies as asexual stated that they knew of the week but didn’t know when it was.

When asked if the Week is something needed on campus Emanuel Garnerway responded, “Personally I feel like every minority on this campus, Black, Hispanic, LBGTQA+ should be represented, expressed and recognized all around.”

“I don’t think people who are asexual are represented on campus because students are not provided much information about it,” said Miranda Baker, a senior who identifies as asexual.

If you would like to learn more about the community you can check out their Facebook: or their website:

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