Astrology and zodiac signs

By: Kyley Wilhite

Multimedia Journalist

What exactly is Astrology?

Britannica describes Astrology as, “A type of divination that involves the forecasting of earthly and human events through the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon and the planets.”

Most people are generally skeptical of Astrology and its meanings, but whether you chose to believe it or not everyone has a corresponding zodiac sign linked to their birthday.

Zodiac signs range from Aquarius through Capricorn and are based on specific days and months. Zodiac signs are said to give you your personality traits, but how accurate are they really?

A chart outlining the zodiac signs.
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Astronomy professor Shaukat Goderya states, “Astronomers do not consider Astrology a field of science, but instead a pseudoscience.”

He explained, “Any scientific subject will involve making a hypothesis and proving or disapproving those hypotheses by collecting experimental data. None of these can be done in Astrology.”

Even though there is no scientific evidence to back up Astrology, the Bible says in Luke 21:25, “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars.”

That being said, do religious people believe in Astrology or does this verse mean something else to them entirely?

Carmen Turner Schott, a Christian psychotherapist and Astrologist, said that according to a recent study, “Nearly 30% of Catholics stated that they believe in Astrology.”

Turner-Schott also stated, “From my personal experiences working as a licensed clinical social worker, I find that many of my clients are becoming more interested in Astrology as a tool for self-awareness.”

Is there any type of degree program to learn more about Astrology?

“The subject of Astrology is very prevalent in the Asian Indian culture and life. You would find many such schools in India, but I have not heard of any university or college in both the US and Canada that offer degrees in Astrology,” Goderya stated.

As far as Astrology programs are concerned Goderya said, “Nowadays there are many places on the internet that claim to offer certificate programs in Astrology.”

No matter how beneficial these programs may seem, however, they are not recognized by governments in the Western Hemisphere.

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