Biden swears in and calls for unity at inauguration

By: Nicholas Ratcliff 

Multimedia Journalist  

President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were sworn into office today, Jan. 20, to officially become the 46th president and vice president of the United States. Biden swore his presidential oath in front of the U.S. capital while placing his right hand on his family’s bible which has been in his family for over 128 years. 

Biden taking his oath.
Photo Courtesy of the AP news minute and photographed by Andrew Harnik. 

Shortly after taking his oath, Biden gave a speech about reuniting the citizens of the United States that seem to be more divided than ever.  

“To all those who supported our campaign, I am humbled by the faith you have placed in us. To all those who did not support us, let me say this: Hear me out as we move forward. Take a measure of me and my heart and if you still disagree, so be it that’s democracy, that’s America,” Biden said. “The right to dissent peaceably, within the guardrails of our Republic, is perhaps our nation’s greatest strength. Yet hear me clearly: Disagreement must not lead to disunion. And I pledge this to you: I will be a President for all Americans. I will fight as hard for those who did not support me as for those who did.” 

Biden’s oath and speech came shortly after Harris’s which was also taken in front of the capital while her right hand was placed on a bible that was previously owned by Thurgood Marshall. Harris made history several times that day by becoming the first African American, South Asian American and woman to serve as vice president of the United States. 

Even though inauguration attendance was limited due to the attack on the capital and the current coronavirus pandemic, there were still quite a few noteworthy guests who attended the ceremony.  

Some of these guests included Barrack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Lady Gaga who performed a song, Jennifer Lopez who also performed a song, Former Vice President Mike Pence, Former Senate majority leader Mitch McConnel and current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Former President Donald Trump and his family, who refused to accept the outcome of the election until recently, was not in attendance making him the fifth president in history not to attend their successors inauguration.  

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