BREAKING NEWS: Police disarm student who brought a weapon to campus

By Quanecia Fraser

Texan TV News Director

University police disarmed a student who brought a weapon on campus last night.

According to a statement from the university provided to Texan News,

“Tarleton State University police responded to a call for concern of a student’s welfare, located the student in his vehicle on campus, disarmed him and resolved the matter.”

The location of the incident, the type of weapon the student had and other details of the situation cannot be confirmed.

University Police Chief Matt Welch said he has been advised to refer questions about the incident to University Spokeswoman Cecilia Jacobs.

Prior to the statement given to Texan News, students were not notified about police having to disarm someone on campus.

Junior nursing students Gretchen Finley and Gerardo Guerrero both said that they would have liked to know about last night’s incident directly from the university.

Guerrero mentioned the issue of shootings occurring on college campuses.

“You never know when it’s (a shooting) going to happen at your school, so I feel like we should have been notified,” said Guerrero. “I’m glad they managed to disarm him, whether he was going to hurt himself or others.”

Finley also said she is glad the situation was de-escalated.  “I’m glad that they caught him and I’m glad they got the situation handled before anything did escalate.

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