Cross Timbers Republican Women serves Republican Party in Stephenville

By: Sierra Wells

Managing Editor

The Cross Timbers Republican Women (CTRW) work within the local community to support the Republican Party and educate voters.

“Our goal is to keep the voters informed on city and county information, so they can be an informed electorate,” CTRW President Donna Washam said.

This group promotes Republican candidates by delivering signs, knocking on doors, making phone calls, listening to them speak and more.

City Hall at City Limits.
Photo By: Sierra Wells

“We also work pools; we serve as election judges and help TSU students and residences make sure they are rightly registered to vote in Erath County,” Washam said.

The CTRW are actively involved in the community and attend several events.

“We participate in local and state conventions and seminars as well as regular visitors and speakers at commissioners court, school board meetings and city council meetings.”

Beginning in October, their membership drive month will feature membership sign up, speakers and an Oct. 27 dinner.

CTRW meetings are at noon on the third Thursday of every month at Stephenville’s City Hall in City Limits. 

 Meetings will feature a wide range of speakers. Attendees can arrive early for lunch at 11:30 a.m.

“Our speakers come from elected offices in the city, county, state and nation,” Washam said. “We also invite conservative speakers who are experts in their area of work. Laughter. Regular business meeting agendas. Great fellowship and exchange of ideas.”

Members of the local community are welcome to attend these meetings.

“We are a varied age group. People from many walks of life are members of CTRW Club,” Washam said. “We extend a warm welcome to anyone who values their vote enough to do their homework before the election.”

According to Washam, participating in this organization comes with benefits, such as building a list of contacts.

“There are many city and county officials who are available to you through our group,” she said.

For information about CTRW activities and events, call (281) 455-3300.  

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