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By: Sierra Wells

Managing Editor

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick spoke at Stephenville City Hall on Aug. 31, following this month’s Erath County Republican Party (ECRP) meeting.

“We have embarked on a 131-city tour over eight weeks, and we started last week,” Patrick said. “Today is the fourth day. We’re going about eight stops a day.”

Patrick has served as Lieutenant Governor of Texas for seven years and is up for reelection in November. 

During his speech, Patrick stressed the importance of people voting in rural areas.

“Rural Texas represents the values of Texas, and rural America represents the values of America,” Patrick said.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick attends the Erath County Republican Party meeting.
Photo By: Sierra Wells

Patrick spoke on several issues in the United States and Texas, including border security and Gov. Greg Abbott’s recent busing of migrants to cities across the country.

“We have to do everything we can, and we’re doing the best we can in a very difficult situation. We’re gonna keep sending those buses,” Patrick said. “I told the governor. I said, ‘Send them to every blue city.’ That’s what I said on Fox last week. Let them look out the window because maybe they’ll call Biden up and say, ‘You have to secure the border. It’s not secure.’”

Before Patrick’s arrival, Elections Coordinator Sharlene Talemantes discussed the election process at the ECRP meeting.

Topics covered included election equipment, security, mail-in voting and more.

“All of our equipment is state tested, approved and certified by the secretary of state,” Talemantes said.

According to Talemantes, community members can help with the election by becoming election judges.

“It’s really a good position to take and so you can see the process and do the process yourself,” she said.

The ECRP works within the community to promote Republican candidates and spread conservative values.

“We believe that our Republican form of government was designed to empower the people and hold the power of government to that enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, the Texas Constitution and properly created local ordinances,” GOP County Chair Dave Washam said. “The people can only exercise control when and if they are informed and participating.”

The next ECRP meeting is Oct. 3 at City Hall, and Rep. Roger Williams will be in attendance.

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