Erath County Constable Precinct 2 candidates

By Mykel Jones

Guest Writer

Ryan Gibson, 24, is running for County Constable Precinct 2. He currently lives in his hometown Dublin, Texas. He is currently an electrician for Couch Electric. He is happy to want and serve for his area and for his people. He can be contacted at (254)485-3388 or email at For more information visit his Facebook page @RyanGibsonforconstable.

Photo from Ryan Gibson for Erath County Constable Pct. 2 Facebook page

What made you run for this position?

Gibson: This is my hometown I am from Dublin. The primary people in the area know who I am and have a good connection with me. I am very known in my town and this job gives me the right to work with my people. I want to protect and serve the people who know me. I was in law enforcement before and I miss it I can now get back with the law.

What will be your duties if you were to be elected?

Gibson: I will serve papers, warrants and subpoenas to people while working for the county. I will assist locally in many ways that I can while doing my job and working with the JPT court once I am able to. I will be seen in the county for doing my job and doing it right.

What will you change within your position?

Gibson: I can’t really change to much with the city in my position because I am no depth. I can only serve papers by law to the people. I will be an active present in the county and make sure the job is done. More active in the school districts and make sure everyone and everything is safe.

What makes you different from the other candidates?

Gibson: I have been known in my county for years. I have knowledge about the job that I can put to use and benefit the people. I know the people in this county and what I need to do for the county and help the people.

Jonathan Walden did not respond to Texan News request for information about his campaign by deadline.

The Texas primary election is March 3, 2020. For more information visit for locations and times.

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