Erath County Democrats hold September meeting

By: Sierra Wells

Managing Editor

The Erath County Democratic Party held a meeting on Sept. 13, where they made plans to get involved locally.

“As far as our local party, we want Erath County citizens to know there are plenty of people here who value Democratic ideals with a more progressive viewpoint and intention than the conservative politics in Texas,” Erath County Democratic Party Treasurer Pat Schipper said. 

Community members present considered candidate promotion strategies to boost democratic votes in future elections.

Texas State Senate District 22 candidate Jeremy Schroppel was present to discuss his campaign for the November election. He is a member of the Libertarian Party running against Republican Brian Birdwell.

Erath County Democratic Party Treasurer Pat Schipper leads the monthly meeting
Photo By: Sierra Wells

“It’s all about the future, and let’s all just focus our efforts and energy and intention on let’s just get these people elected, and again, it’s not always a Democrat,” Democratic County Chair Moumin Quazi said. “Sometimes we’ve got to get the word out to a non-GOP person who’s running against a Republican.”

Schipper also spoke about the success of their Democratic Candidate Tour on Sept. 10, which introduced candidates such as Susan Hays and Justice Amanda Reichek.

“It makes such a big difference to hear candidates speak because it really tells us how important it is to get out and vote, and we just kind of take it for granted,” Schipper said. 

The Erath County Democrats plan to register voters in Tarleton State University’s Barry B. Thompson Student Center for a week, beginning Sept. 19.

“This is not a Democrat effort. It is an effort to talk to these kids and get them to vote,” Schipper said.

The following weekend on Sept. 24, they will participate in the Cowboy Capital Rodeo Parade.

“There are democrats out there, and we want them to know that we’re here,” Schipper said.

For anyone interested in holding a position, State Democratic Executive Committeeman for Senate District 22 Thom Hanson announced the Senate District 22 Executive Committeewoman position is available. The election will take place in Hood County on Dec. 3.

People at the meeting also discussed interest in promoting the creation of a Democratic student group on the Tarleton campus.

“We want to inform voters about candidates, help them be registered and get to the polls. This November election is crucial to getting balance in Texas,” Schipper said.

For more information about the Erath County Democratic Party, visit

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