Female student workers react to Women’s History Month

By: Michaela Dennis 

Staff Writer

Students at Tarleton State University are celebrating Women’s History Month this March.

Sophomore Zinya Ward, a residential leader at Tarleton, plans on celebrating Women’s History Month by getting closer to the important women in her life such as her mother and sister. 

She hopes by spending additional time with family she will gain more knowledge on how to navigate life as a woman and be independent. 

Ward says her mother and sisters have had the greatest impact on her life. She credits them as the people who molded her into the strong woman she is today.

“There is so much to learn from them through the experiences they have had in life,” Ward said. “Their guidance has helped me overcome so many issues I had. I feel like I would be lost without them.”

Jade Smith, a senior at Tarleton, serves as a residential leader. 

A close friend of hers recently experienced a death in the family. To give support, Smith and her friends put together a gift basket to cheer up their friend during a time of need. 

Left to Right: Bridget Weeks, Zinnia Ward and Jade Smith.
Photo by: Michaela Dennis

“I felt empowered by helping a fellow sister in need,” Smith said. “I know that later on if I am going through a hard time, I will be able to call on these friends to support me.”

Junior Bridget Wekesa, student worker at the Recreational Center, enjoys this month because she appreciates seeing different women, whether past or present, being celebrated for their impact on the world. 

To celebrate, she has been highlighting different historical figures on her Instagram story. 

“I have seen a few events relating to Women’s History Month on campus, but I feel like there isn’t enough compared to what we have seen for other events,” Bridget said. “I could change this by being in a sorority and promoting through them and we could host an event to celebrate and acknowledge women on campus.”

Tarleton continues to celebrate this month by hosting a variety of events on campus, but Wekesa believes there could be more effort put in place to highlight Women’s History Month.

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