Finding funds to study abroad 

By Lauren Tipton

Guest Writer

The opportunity to study abroad is available to all students at Tarleton State University and there are many ways to raise the funds to go.

Many people describe studying abroad as a life-changing experience and one that everyone should try to do so at least once during their time at college.

“You’re making an investment in yourself at this point in your life,” Director of International Programs Dr. Marilyn Robitaille said. “I think that study abroad is one of those kinds of investments that will pay off in the end.”

The most common reason students do not look into the study abroad program is because of their lack of funds, she said. However, there are many ways to obtain the money needed. Most students use a combination of scholarships and financial aid. If you do find that you have the funds to support your study abroad, then there are a few things that you should make sure that you sort out. For example, if you are planning on studying abroad in Canada, then it might be a good idea for you to check out this site here about transferring money to Canada using a money transfer service . Obviously, it depends on where you are planning on studying. However, it’s important that you make sure that you are prepared before you leave.

“We’ve had all kinds of very creative students who did fundraisers on their own. They started a fund early, asked relatives for funding for Christmas, and that sort of thing,” said Robitaille.

Scholarships are also available for all students who study abroad. A general scholarship described on the Tarleton Study Abroad homepage offers a $1,000 International Education Scholarship. The qualifications for this scholarship are a 2.5 GPA and maintaining status as a full-time student. This is just one of the many scholarships available.

Robitaille said the key to raising the money for a study abroad trip is to start early. Many scholarships, grants and donation opportunities are available, it just takes some time and effort to find them. The Department of International Programs offers to help students find the perfect study abroad trip and the funding to get students there.

Tarleton offers study abroad programs of different lengths throughout the year and around the world. Some of the destinations include cities such as Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, Paris, Rome and London, and countries such as South Africa, Costa Rica, Japan and Australia.

For more information about international programs and study abroad opportunities, please visit or contact the Office of International Programs at 254-968-9545.

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