Hunewell Haunting

By Keauno Perez

Texan News Service 

Students living in Hunewell Annex Residence Halls are experiencing what they consider paranormal activity on the eve of Halloween.

Kaylee Martelle, a freshman nursing major, said she’s witnessed an invisible something turn off her lights and knock down lamps.

 “On the third floor, in my friend Selina’s room, I was spending the night and I jokingly told her she better turn off the lamp before the ghost did, and when she went to reach for it, it turned off and fell over,” Martelle said.

 Others, like Maddie Miller, a freshmen kinesiology major, said she’s hearing and seeing things she can’t believe are real.

 “I hear what sounds like marbles dropping and my drawers are open randomly,” Miller says. 

And Residential Leader Dana McCloud says she’s had similar experiences.

“My brush would fly off from my dresser, and my chairs wouldn’t stay under my desk, weird stuff like that,” said McCloud a sophomore biology major who lives in Hunewell. 

Some residents also say they have had encounters with what they believe to be a ghost. 

“One time I woke up for my 8 am class and was completely conscious, and felt a hand press down on my bed by my knee,” Martelle says. “Another night I was lying on my bed with my legs up near my chest and felt something grab my legs.”

“My notebook went missing one day and I searched my room up and down, and even my friends’ room I spent the night at. Two days later it was under my bed in the back, lying on a container, and there is no possible explanation for it getting there,” said Selina Innes a Tarleton freshman nursing major who lives in Hunewell Annex.

“I woke up at around 3 a.m. every day for two weeks because I was hearing like a tapping noise. It stopped though after one night I was tired of hearing it and yelled at it to stop,” said Ryan Webb a Tarleton Student who lives in Hunewell Annex.

“I’ve heard my name once; I was sitting in my room alone looking at twitter when I heard a female voice call my name,” said Martelle. 

 The residents of Hunewell Annex have given the name Caspy to the ghost, Martelle says, “…because Casper the Ghost is nice and so is she. She doesn’t do anything frightening just lets us know she is there.”

Tarleton’s Residential Living and Learning Department’s student worker Norma Botello said, “None of us student workers here have heard anything about Hunewell being haunted, neither has our graduate assistant who has been here since 2004, maybe though they see us as too professional to say anything to us.”

Whether or not Caspy is haunting the halls, residents agree something strange is happening in Hunewell Annex.

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