Introducing the new Tarleton Texan Rider

By: Nicholas Ratcliff

Multimedia Journalist

Tarleton State University has recently announced that Walker Kirk will be taking up the mantle as the official new Texan Rider.

Kirk is currently in his third semester at Tarleton and is majoring in Agribusiness Management. In addition to being the new Texan Rider, Kirk is also a Residential Leader for the University and even serves as a member of the Executive Board for the Student Government Association.

Walker Kirk poses in his new Texan Rider uniform. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Kirk started his journey to become the Texan Rider after he submitted his tryout video last May and was selected as a finalist. After an additional interview between him and the other finalist, Kirk was selected as the official Texan Rider.

“I can’t really tell anyone much about becoming Texan Rider yet, as I’m pretty fresh myself, but I would definitely say that they should be prepared for a once in a lifetime experience. They should definitely have a deep love and gratitude for Tarleton to start with, but if you’re Texan Rider, I feel like it grows even more,” Kirk said.

The Texan Rider is the official mascot for Tarleton State, but Kirk feels as if it is so much more than someone in a costume as well.

“I feel that it [the Texan Rider] also embodies what the spirit of Tarleton is all about,” Kirk said. “The main thing I’m gonna do to embody the spirit of the Texan Rider is just be myself and give it my all.”

Tarleton is excited to welcome Kirk as the new Texan Rider and see what all he will bring to the position.

Overall, Kirk said, “I’m extremely grateful for the family that Tarleton has given me, and I’m so excited that I get to represent everyone as the Texan Rider this year!”

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