Kinesiology’s ROCK THE GYM held yesterday

Shelby Clayton—

Staff Writer

ROCK THE GYM is an event hosted every semester by Tarleton State University’s Kinesiology Department. ROCK THE GYM was held yesterday in the volleyball gym and the lobby of Wisdom Gym. This event is geared toward school-aged children with special needs.

Dr. Sharon Tiffany Bowers an associate professor in the Kinesiology department and the Head of ROCK THE GYM said, “Kids come in. We invite schools within a 75 mile radius from Stephenville. The farthest distance is from China Springs, but they also bring the biggest group. They bring around 24 students.”

The carnival games were designed by students in Bowers’ kinesiology Adaptive, Corrective and Developmental Exercise classes. They also worked the event. The games combined three categories: cognitive domain (mind), psychomotor domain (body) and affective domain (spirit).

According to information from Bowers for a tentative website, the cognitive domain increases the student’s ability to follow rules, be creative, strategize and recognize new activities. The psychomotor domain focuses on increased movement, fine and gross motor skill, eye and hand coordination, balance, muscle awareness and the opportunity for improved fitness. The affective domain is about the student’s state of mind. It targets their ability to work with a team, interact with their peers, their sense of belonging, and their ability to work as a team and gives them a day of fun and inclusive activities.

The theme of this year’s event was superheroes, while in the past the themes have been: army, western, safari, space and the beach.

ROCK THE GYM is part of Project EMPOWER an initiative from the kinesiology department. Project EMPOWER was developed to give educational opportunities to Tarleton students interested in giving students with disabilities physical activity services. This initiative was started to give Tarleton students the disposition, knowledge and skills to help others with disabilities.

Along with ROCK THE GYM, Project EMPOWER also includes: the Laboratory for Wellness & Motor Behavior, the Clinical Exercise Research Facility and the Better Breather’s Club. It also includes the following Applied Learning Experiences: TREAT Riding, Rockhouse and Special Olympics.

“The whole point of what the students learn from the class is that it doesn’t take a lot of money to do events like this, just passion and compassion,” said Bowers.

Any student can be involved with ROCK THE GYM, regardless of major. If anyone wants to be involved in the future or wants more information, they can contact Dr. Sharon Tiffany Bowers at or follow Project EMPOWER on Twitter and Instagram @_ProjectEMPOWER and on Facebook at Tarleton State University_Project Empower.

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