Larry Joe Taylor’s annual Rhymes and Vines Fall Fest informational

By: Thomas Winzeler

Managing Editor

The Larry Joe Taylor fifteenth annual Rhymes and Vines (R&V) Fall Fest will take place Sept. 23 through Sept. 26. The festival will be held at Melody Mountain Ranch in Stephenville, Texas. The set list includes Prophets and Outlaws, Dave Perez, William Clark Green and Josh Abbott, Josh Weathers, Cody Canada and finally Larry Joe Taylor himself.

All tickets have been sold and there will not be any tickets available at the gate.

The R&V Fall Fest is asking for all guest to print out their tickets at home and bring them with them to the event. Tickets will be taken at the entrance to the stage area and guest will be given an armband that they can use for re-entry. 

The R&V Fall Fest event’s website said, “Everyone must enter on the east side of the stage FIRST to exchange your ticket for an armband.”

An overview shot of the enclosed outdoor venue for LJT’s R&V Fall Fest.
Photo Courtesy of Larry Joe Taylor’s Rhymes and Vines Fall Fest

An additional re-entry gate will be set up on the west side of the stage for guest who have already received their armband.

For those camping, check-in will not be at the front gate building, instead it will be on the main road where the road merges into a “Y.” Before entering the campground your admittance decal must be on your driver’s side windshield.

Those who will be attending should be aware that alcohol will not be allowed in the stage areas, however, bars will be set up outside of the stage area for customers.

To comply with social distancing and sanitation requirements, the jalapeno popper cook-off and the home brew competition will not be taking place this year.

Guest are required to wear masks in the stage area. The only time guests are permitted to not wear masks are if they are seated with their group. Seating areas are marked off and will be spaced out to help encourage and maintain social distancing among guests. Designated walkways will be created, and guest are asked to bring their own lawn chairs as well.

 “Unfortunately, there will be no VIP areas this year due to the safety of entertainers and inability to provide spacing needed to social distance,” The R&V Fall Fest reminder said.

For those who are already VIP holders, the Fall Fest will be offering the option for reserved up-front seating, meal vouchers, T-shirts and more.

The ticket gate opens on Wednesday at 3 p.m., Thursday at 2 p.m., Friday at 12 p.m.  and Saturday at 9 a.m. Please click  the event details PDF link for camping check-in times as well as for any additional information:

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