Legendary Weddings and Events offers advice: ‘popping the question’

By Brooke King –

With all the love in the air you might even be considering to “pop the question,” and if not now then eventually. With this being said, it is never too early to start checking out sites like winniecouture.com for some inspiration. Legendary Weddings and Events of Stephenville, Texas, has a few suggestions to help you come up with the perfect proposal.

Kelli Wagoner and her fiancé Corbin Myers  (Photo courtesy of Kelli Wagoner)

Kelli Wagoner and her fiancé Corbin Myers
(Photo courtesy of Kelli Wagoner)

Wedding proposals are something that she will remember for a lifetime and are “extremely important and need to be remembered so that it can be shared with their children and grandchildren,” said Dr. Gay Wakefield, director of Legendary Weddings and Special Events, an experiential laboratory for Tarleton students in the public relations and event management degree program.

Wakefield and the team of student workers at Legendary caution would-be proposers to first test the waters. Make sure your partner is ready for the commitment of a lifetime. Before you decide to pop the question you may want to consider having a serious talk with her before the proposal. Asking her where she sees her life in five, 10, or 20 years should give you the insight you need in order to make sure that she is ready to say “Yes.”

Consider her personality. Is she the type who wants a thousand witnesses? Or would you two be better off in a more intimate setting surrounded by friends and family? No matter what setting, it’s important to alter it to where it fits both of your personalities.

“One of the greatest memories that I have of my proposal was the fact that my husband got my family involved,” said Ellie Herpeche who recently wed James Herpeche. “He knows how important they are to me, and it made it that more special to be able to share this moment with them.” Getting a professional photographer to capture the moment can be something special. They’ll be memories to look back on in years to come. Whether it’s checking out sites like olgatopchii.com to view portfolios or know someone already who does photography, having a photographer at the proposal and the wedding could be something worth considering.

Planning is crucial and timing is everything. Where you are going, what you are doing, when you need to be there, and who will be involved. Another question that most men have trouble answering is what kind of ring to buy. A 2 carat oval diamond ring could be a show-stopper, but it also depends on the person. Not much of a planner? Contact a local event planning company. You will have to pay for their help, but they can make sure your perfect proposal goes off without a hitch, and might even offer a discount if you book the wedding with the same company. You might just think that a meal will be good enough but once you talk to an event planner, this could turn into something major with things like a limousine service nj, a band, or even a whole surprise party for your partner!

“What really makes a proposal special are the details that relate to a specific couple’s relationship like the location of the proposal or a theme of the proposal, etc.,” said Nicole Hengst, assistant director of Legendary Weddings and Special Events.

Legendary experts recommend recruiting some help. Friends and family members are always willing to lend an extra hand when it comes to setting up a proposal. However, you must remember to make sure whoever you ask can be trusted and can keep a secret until after she says, “yes.”

The team suggests getting down on one knee. Though it might just be one of the oldest gestures in the book; it’s sure to take any woman’s breath away. It’s one of the easiest tips that Legendary Weddings and Special Events could provide and is sure to be the most memorable part besides her response.

“I think getting on one knee is traditional, and tradition is what makes things in life special. It made it special for me; therefore I do think it’s important,” said Kelli Wagoner, a soon-to-be-bride.

Be sincere. Speak from your heart and tell her exactly what you love about her, what she means to you, and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

“The bride probably thinks the ‘be sincere tip’ is most important because when he does ask her to marry him, and he is sincere and everything is said from the heart, it will mean so much more to her than a simple ‘will you marry me’, and is a great way to start their journey of being engaged,” Hengst said.

Last but certainly not least, have fun. This is a memory that will last a lifetime and will be passed down from generation to generation. Enjoy the moment, and don’t fret if things don’t go as smoothly as you planned, chances are she will still say “Yes.”

“With my husband James being in Afghanistan, it’s sometimes hard to talk to him. His proposal to me is one of the memories that I refer back to while he is gone and it makes me feel closer to him. Lucky for me, he made sure that my proposal was recorded, but not even a camera can capture all of the feelings and emotions that were streaming through me. It was one of the most happiest times of my life, but the best day was Dec. 24 when we got married,” Ellie Herpeche said.


Brooke King is a communication studies major from Poolville, Texas.

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