Let’s Eat restaurant review (4 out of 5 Stars)

Lauren Light

Texan News Service

You probably have driven past it and never given it a second glance; it’s just a small white building along Highway 377. But inside that non-descript small, white building sits a hidden Bluff Dale gemstone called Let’s Eat, owned by Curren Dodds, a classically-trained French chef.

Opened in 1995 inside an old post office, Let’s Eat is well worth the drive. The menu changes fairly often as Dodds likes to experiment with new foods regularly. Approaching the entrance, the restaurant is an eye sore and the decor that waits inside is screaming for a decorator’s touch. However, once inside, your attitude shifts as you breathe in the warm aroma of spices. You know you’re in for something delectable.

Long wooden tables are lined up end to end and can seat about 30 people. The building may be casual, but the food is the farthest thing from it. While Let’s Eat does not serve alcohol, bringing your own beer or wine is permitted.

The Let’s Eat menu has a nice variety of entrees with chicken, steaks, pasta and fish. For my dining experience, I ordered a steak, medium rare, served with mashed potatoes and asparagus, which cost around $25. The steak was warm, well-seasoned and had just the right balance of juiciness and tenderness. The mashed potatoes had the perfect texture of blended potatoes and chunks with the skins left on. No gravy was needed to enhance the flavor of the potatoes; it was enough to leave me wanting more. The asparagus was packed full of flavor and just melted in my mouth. There were dessert options as well, but I was too full from my delicious meal to consider it. Dessert options included a bread pudding and bananas foster atop French toast.  The food was superb, although a little pricey compared to other local establishments.

For foodies looking for a Metroplex quality of food but not wanting to drive that far, Let’s Eat is the perfect option. Let’s Eat successfully combines the casual home setting with the exquisite taste of Chef Dodds’ creations

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