Life Vibes: Reaching new heights

By Breezey Clark —

A common phobia among people of all different backgrounds is a fear of heights. On the other hand, many are always looking for a fun tower to climb. What is this fear exactly? Is it the fear of falling, death or the feeling of being completely out of control? This week I discovered what my fear was, letting go.

This week on Life Vibes I visited rock wall facilitator, Andy Hatcher, a member of the Outdoor Pursuits team at REC Sports. I explained to him that I have wanted to climb this

wall for two years, but have been too afraid to attempt it. With his good nature and reassurance that I could do this, I decided to take the challenge and make the climb.

Courtesy photo by Rafael Sanchez, Texan News Service

Courtesy photo by Kristy O’Keefe, Texan News Service

The indoor rock-climbing wall is 35 feet tall and has 7 different routes ranging from simple to very difficult. I, of course, chose the easiest route available; although as I looked up the giant fortress that I was about to scale, it didn’t look very simple. Within moments, Hatcher had me hooked to a harness and ready to climb. I hesitated as I quickly scanned the best possible starting point, took a deep breath, and took my first step.

Knowing that I was on a time restraint with the show being filmed was probably the reason I moved at a somewhat steady pace. I found the first few feet up to be not as bad as I expected, but whenever I would reach an area that had less options for hand and foot grips I would feel the fear creeping in. I waited as long as I could before I had to ask for assistance; Hatcher was quick to respond and always made encouraging suggestions for my next move. Little by little, I made it to the top.

“I want you to reach up and slap that ‘X’ for me,” he coached as I fearfully realized that I was 35 feet in the air. I quickly touched the taped finishing point and dreaded what was next, coming down. I told him that I couldn’t do it, I was too scared to let go of the wall. Then realizing how foolish I sounded and that I had no choice; I let go of the wall and hung on to my rope for dear life.

The first step down the wall took my breath away, but the moments after were exhilarating and empowering. I felt a strong release as I swiftly made my way to the bottom. That was when I realized, my fear had not been of how high the wall was, it was my inability to let go once I reached the top.

So often I find myself trying to hold on to things that are out of my control, but I end up making life harder by doing this. When I let go of the wall I realized that if I can find the courage to let go and accept the uncertainties in life I will be able to take on more challenges without the hesitation of fearing what may happen when I do.

My indoor rock wall climbing experience was a success, thanks to Andy Hatcher for guiding me patiently and offering words of wisdom along my journey.

Be sure to catch Life Vibes next week on I will be visiting Armando Giles at Barefoot Market to learn more about the popular health trend: juicing.

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