Man arrested outside of Traditions South in March was not a student or employee at Tarleton

By Katy McQuillan

Staff Writer

On Monday, March 27, outside the Traditions South Dormitory at Tarleton State University, Luis Gonzalez was arrested for Public Intoxication Alcoholic Beverage.

Moments before the arrest, Gonzales asked a witness, Maria Duran, if she could help Gonzalez find his brother on the Tarleton campus, and then proceeded to ask Duran to get inside his truck. After Duran studied Gonzalez for a few seconds, she sensed weird behavior and noticed Gonzalez had red eyes.

The police report does not state what classification Duran is.

Duran called the campus police, reported what happened, and in no later than five minutes, police arrived on the scene surveying the situation.

According to the police report, Gonzalez’s breath smelled like alcohol, and he had trouble getting out of his blue Chevy truck. The truck had an open alcoholic beverage in the cup holder in the cab of the truck. Gonzalez had a hard time keeping his balance until he made contact with the truck he was driving.

Gonzalez was unable to say many words very clearly. He was placed under arrest and “the on board unit camera recorded the transfer to the Erath County Jail.” The vehicle was returned back to the registered owner.

Gonzalez is not a student or employed worker at Tarleton.

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