May Market Madness is back

By: Taylor Kaluza

Multimedia Journalist

On Saturday, May 1, downtown Stephenville will be having its annual event known as May Market Madness. Located on the square, the event will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday morning and continue until 1 p.m. During that time, anyone can visit historic downtown Stephenville and shop all day. While you shop, you can also be entered to win the merchant gift basket or $100 merchant gift card.

A flier telling about the market.
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The Stephenville Farmers Market will also be taking place at the plaza downtown from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

KayLee Pemberton, the owner of Blue-Eyed Buffalo, who helps organize the event, talked more in-depth about the market.

Pemberton said, “This event includes all of the downtown business and some of the shops will be having deals throughout the day.”

Pemberton also mentioned that the year before last, the event was called Margarita Madness where the businesses would give out drinks to people while they shopped.

“We have been hosting events like this for about three years now and have had different things every year. Last year we were unable to do this due to COVID-19,” Pemberton said.

Some of the businesses located on the square in downtown Stephenville.
Photo By Taylor Kaluza.

The overall event is being put on by the Stephenville Downtown Merchants and there will be many different shops open for the event.

“We will have the farmers market in the middle of the plaza and some businesses might have food and drinks for shoppers during the event,” Pemberton said.

For more information, you can visit the Downtown Merchants page on Facebook by searching Stephenville Downtown Merchants, which will have a list of the shops involved. If you would like more information about the farmers market or are interested in having your own stand, you can contact Pemberton at or call at 254-967-0587.

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