Meet the Erath County Sheriff candidates: Kent Howell

Sarah HaynerAssociate Producer

Kent Howell is running for Erath County sheriff in the 2020 primary elections. Photo by Sarah Hayner.

Kent Howell is one of two candidates currently running for Erath County Sheriff in the primary election in March 3, 2020.  

Howell says that serving as Erath County Sheriff has always been one of his professional goals. 

“Being elected sheriff is not about the title, the money nor the status some may think the position carries, but rather for the simple fact that I am fully committed to this community,” Howell said. “I consider the residents of Erath County my family and I want to serve and protect each and every one of them. I have dedicated my life to public service, working as a law enforcement officer in Erath County for almost 13 years, as well as serving on the Erath County Fire Department for 14 years as a volunteer.” 

Howell says that one of his goals is to bring the department “back to the basics.”  

“Focus on proper training, putting more deputies out patrolling the county, prioritize the need for a full-time school resource officer for our county schools, complete much needed jail updates and to utilize our inmate work program on a broader scale across the county,” Howell said.  

Since his departure from the sheriff’s department in May, he has been building his political campaign to run for sheriff. 

“I have been planning and running my campaign for sheriff. This is what I’m dedicating 100% of my time to because it’s more than a job for me,” Howell said. “This is my passion and I am fully vested in and dedicated to serving and protecting this community.”  

Howell was terminated from his deputy position at the sheriff’s department on charges that he was violating department policy by running a license plate for personal use. He acknowledged that he shouldn’t have done that and that he learned from his mistake. 

“I take this job very seriously; I am very passionate about it. I’m not a disgruntled employee, and I know that is probably being portrayed a little bit because I did get fired,” Howell said. “There’s a lot of internal stuff that I don’t feel like is right for me to talk about…I am loyal to a fault. I’ll admit to my faults, mistakes. I ran the plate, and I shouldn’t have done it.”  

Howell wants the people of Erath County to know that he is dedicated to protecting Stephenville.  

“I’m passionate and I want to protect this community,” Howell said. “I want to stay here and protect my home, and this community is my home.” 

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