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Tarleton’s plans for the Super Bowl range from watch parties to ignoring the big game altogether. From faculty to staff to students, other priorities seem to take precedence for this weekend’s game. Some people are actually working during game time, which you think would be a bit sad, but this article and many other show how you can enjoy the Superbowl from your workspace. Have your own plans for this year’s Superbowl? Feel free to mention them in the comments below!

Amber Sotelo, senior kinesiology major from San Antonio, Texas

Rooting for: Does not matter.

Plans: I will be in San Antonio with the Tarleton State University softball team and then I will be back in Stephenville for the night. My roommate and I want to have one [party] but I really do not know if we will. We have done a check of a sub sandwich shop near me to see if they are available, and if we do have a party, then it looks like we will have some great food.

Emily Johnson, a sophomore nursing major

Plans: Has no plans for watching the Super Bowl.

Heather Price, a sophomore nursing major from Granbury, Texas

Rooting for: Neither – she’s a Cowboys fan.

Plans: Heather plans on watching the game at her neighbors’ annual Super Bowl party. She said she looks forward to watching the commercials more than the actual game. They play squares and make individual bets in person as well as on websites like https://casinomartini.com/nz/new-online-casinos/ if they want some range. “I win every year. Knock on wood,” she said.

Amy Watts, a sophomore nursing major from Bells, Texas

Rooting for: Neither.

Plans: Her friends always have a Super Bowl party.

James Houston, a staff member from Cleburne, Texas

Plans: None. He doesn’t watch much football anymore.

Prediction: “The 49ers are going to win without a doubt. No questions asked.”

Justin Graham, a senior fitness major from Cranfills Gap, Texas

Rooting for: 49ers

Plans: One of my friends is having a party, so I’ll probably go over there.

Are you placing any bets?: “Yes – I’ve been looking on betting sites to find the best odds.”

Tracy Lowry, from Stephenville, Texas

Rooting for: “Definitely the Ravens, I’ve never liked the 49ers.”

Plans: To watch the game with her family.

Joanna Macsas, a senior kinesiology major from Denton, Texas

Rooting for: Ravens

Plans: “Well, for now it’s kind of just up in the air. My mom is having a Super Bowl party so that is one of my options.”

Keilee Oelrich, a sophomore social work major from Quinlan, Texas

Plans: Work until 8 then go hang out with friends to watch the game and eat

Prediction: “…I guess the 49ers just because that’s what I have heard others say.”

Benjamin Sword, assistant professor of English and Languages

Rooting for: San Francisco, but he is not a big fan of either

Plans: the “big sports fanatic” will have a few friends over

Tina Soria, a freshman from Plano, Texas

Rooting for: Ravens

Plans: She will be watching the game with her sorority whom is throwing a party for the Super Bowl

Tenille Sylvest, an Ag and Consumer Resources master’s student from La Porte, Texas

Plans: For her it is just another weekend. When she was home it used to be a big deal; they would have big parties but now she is focused on school.

John Vella, a sophomore physics major from Mobile, Ala.

Rooting for: He guesses he’s going for the 49ers but doesn’t really follow sports too much.

Plans: Vella doesn’t have any set plans and doesn’t plan on spending any money.

Connie Reed, a sophomore from Jacksboro, Texas, who plans to major in business administration

Plans: No plans. The reason she has no plans is because she has been a “bartender for three years and no longer enjoys football.”

Chris Coan, an English major from Colleyville, Texas

Rooting for: “Don’t know who is playing…”

Plans: Studying and/or other activities.

Renee Pope, a sophomore education major from Mesquite, Texas

Rooting for: She said she’s not really into sports.

Plans: She has no plans.

Tony Richmond, custodial services manager from Stephenville, Texas

Rooting for: 49ers

Plans: He will be “watching it with family.”

Jose Martinez, a junior biology major from Rockwall, Texas

Rooting for: Ravens, because of the “inspirational story of Ray Lewis.” He then said how “it was cool to see how he turned his life around.”

Plans: Jose will be spending the time watching the Super Bowl at a friend’s house.

Alexa Hernandez, a graduate student in the English program, from Las Vegas, Nev.

Rooting for: 49ers. She is hoping that the 49ers will win because it is her brother’s favorite team and he would be angry at her if she did not also go for them.

Plans: She will be watching the game at her mother’s house, and will be spending about $20 on snacks.

Courtney Gibbs, a freshman business administration major, from Olney, Texas.

Plans: Has no plans to watch and is not a big football fan. She’s “probably going to work.”

Carolynn Hardwicke, a graduate student in the English program, from Glen Rose, Texas.

Rooting for: Neither

Plans: She is going to stay home with her son for the game and won’t be watching it.

Students in media writing courses collected the interviews: Lacy Woods, Shelby White, Kerbie Anderson, Blair Smith, Paige Franco, Andrea Beare, Brittney Blake, Madison Campbell, Todd Coley, Ashleigh Roberts, Ansley Bartley, Bethany Kyle, Drew Isom, Ginger Cousins, Shealeigh Jones, Zelda Dawson and Tammy Wiederhold

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