Opinion: Why voting for a third party is not wasting your vote

By: Thomas Winzeler

Managing Editor

One of the biggest flaws with American Politics is the two-party duopoly that the Republican and Democratic Parties have. The duopoly has promoted the false idea that any vote not for a Republican or Democrat is a wasted vote.

America was founded on the idea that we, the people, have the choice of who our leaders should be and that no vote is a wasted vote. Over time that idea has eroded as both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have entrenched themselves as the two main parties and put roadblocks in the way to prevent other parties from rising up.

Texan News Managing Editor Thomas Winzeler.
Photo by Jeremiah Dalton.

I believe we need to see the return of this idea and bring back the sense of voting not based on party lines but on the simple idea of principle, the principle that no vote is a wasted vote.

Voting should be based on if you agree with a candidate’s policies not because they have Republican or Democrat next to their name. Voting for the Libertarian Party, over the Democratic Party or the Republican Party because you agree more with the Libertarian Party candidate and you like them more is not a wasted vote. Neither is it a vote for the other side. 

Another tactic used by both Republicans and Democrats is the idea that if you vote XYZ person over ABC person, then that’s essential a vote for DEFG person. Rooted in bias, it tries to scare people into think that if they voted third party their helping one of the two major party candidates win. If you truly like the person you’re voting for, then you aren’t trying to help any other candidate win. You are only helping yours win.

I vote for candidates that I can feel a sense of pride in knowing I voted for them. Even if they lose, I want to feel the sense of pride knowing that my vote was not wasted. It was used on someone I support. America was built on the idea that no vote is a wasted vote. That’s who that individual wanted to represent them and run the country. We live in a country where you can exercise your right to vote for the leader of the country, those who represent you in government and be able to vote for things that effect your state and local area. That’s why voting is important.

While America has far more pressing issues, it is still important to promote performing your civil duty. It’s important to get people out to vote. Many people don’t vote because they think no matter who they vote for, if that person loses, it’s a wasted vote. Third Party or not, no vote is a wasted vote.

Remember to check to see if you’re registered to vote. If you are registered, remember to go out and vote on Nov. 3, 2020. The only way to waste a vote is by not voting.

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