Oscar P General Store coming to Campus

By: Kyley Wilhite

Associate Producer

The new “Oscar P” convenience store is opening soon at Tarleton State University and will offer new and improved food options.

“Although we already have a C-Store, I don’t think one more would hurt. It would also open jobs for students,” Kinesiology Major and Oscar P fan Kimberely Muniz said.

Since this store will be run by the current Tarleton food company, Sodexo, students will be able to use their Texan bucks and Texan dollars at the store.

Kimberely Muniz takes a picture with Oscar P. Photo By: Kyley Wilhite

“The store is currently in the planning phase and is slated to come online later this year,” Director of Auxiliary Services and Campus Operations Mike Benge said.

Oscar P is meant to make periodic visits to this store throughout the year. This makes for great photo opportunities with him as he makes his rounds.

“The University and Sodexo both feel that Oscar P’s will be a significant enhancement to the campus. It will provide the students with a convenient shopping alternative,” Benge said.

The store will be in the Texan Village Clubhouse and will offer many of the same items as the current C-store on campus.

“There will be sections of specialty items, promotional items and greater selections of grocery-type items. The store will feature bottled and fountain beverages, F’real ice cream, Tea, Coffee, sushi and Simply to Go- in addition to grocery items such as fruits, vegetables, deli meats, cheese, frozen pizzas, hot pockets, wings, pet supplies and food,” Benge said.

The store will feature several branded items in addition to the vast amount of food.

“There will also be branded Chick-fil-a, Dunkin, Tarleton and Oscar P novelty items,” Benge said.

Currently, there is no opening day for the Oscar P store, but more information can be found by contacting benge@tarleton.edu or giving him a call at (254) 968- 9016.

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