Parent’s weekend and the Tarleton Ring Ceremony

By: Taylor Kaluza

Multimedia Journalist

Tarleton State University’s spring semester has been packed full of exciting events, one of which happened to be Parent’s Weekend. This specific weekend is a time during the semester that students can bring their parents to experience the campus that students at Tarleton have all come to know and love so much. During Friday and Saturday of last week, March 5 and 6, there were many activities for parents and students to be involved in.

Starting on Friday, the day kicked off with a ring ceremony, followed by a movie showing in the Planetarium, a parent social, carnival with food trucks, TPA awards ceremony, Texan Bingo and a women’s basketball game followed by entertainment.

On Saturday, the Texans’ football team played Mississippi College. Later in the day events included Breakfast with the President, a movie showing, Create-a-Critter, followed by the football game, then more movies, bingo and a women’s basketball game.

Texan News attended the ring ceremony on Friday. During the events, Texan News had the opportunity to have at look how these events made Parent’s Weekend even more special.

After the ring ceremony, Texan News had the opportunity to interview Wildlife Science major Rylie Rochelle who will be graduating in fall of 2021, and ask her what her favorite thing about Tarleton is.

Tarleton President Dr. James Hurley, Tarleton senior Rylie Rochelle and the Purple Poo pose in front of the Tarleton Ring Statue following the ring ceremony.
Photo by Taylor Kaluza.

Rochelle responded, “Because Tarleton is a smaller school it is much more personable in terms of the classroom. You have the opportunity to really get to know who your classmates are as well as your professors. The community at Tarleton is amazing and Tarleton has really served as my home away from home”.

She was among many students that day who received a Tarleton ring, which is an important milestone while in college. Rochelle talked about the whole experience and how it made her feel.

“Honestly, I never knew the true meaning behind the Tarleton ring until the ring ceremony,” Rochelle said. “During the explanation of the ring and what it symbolizes, I found myself getting emotional. Now every time I look at my ring, I am reminded of all my hard work and dedication that has gotten me this far at Tarleton.”

After this semester, Rochelle will be doing an internship at Hatton Ranch to help further her knowledge in her field and get experience to find a job after graduation. She is debating finding a job right after graduation or staying at Tarleton to get her Masters.

When asked who she would like to thank for supporting her Rochelle said, “I would like to thank my dad and grandparents who have always pushed me to work hard and never give up. I would also like to thank my boyfriend and his family for being my support system while my dad has been stationed at Fort Irwin. I would not be where I am today without these amazing people in my life.”

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