Photo Essay: It’s beginning to look like fall

Acorns in a flowerbed located on the square in Stephenville. Photo by Makenzie Plusnick

Two boxes of multiple colored pumpkins waiting to be picked up at Little John Produce Market. Photo by Mark Nemec

Fall decor has started to appear around campus.
Photo by Marissa Vaughan

Pumpkin shaped candle holder adds to this apartment’s fall theme. Photo by Quanecia Fraser

Leaves are beginning to fall. Photo by Rachell Holle

Warm qualities of light in the fall reflected in a building.
Photo by CaiAyhn Ford

A fiery fall sunset. Photo by Marissa Vaughan

Halloween is just around the corner. Photo by Katelyn Rivera

Freshly baled hay on a foggy fall day. Photo by Jena McCall

A simple fallen leaf in a puddle. Photo by Lorynne Benavides

A mulberry leaf and dry grass. Photo by Zane Parker

A lamppost in the sunset. Photo by CaiAyhn Ford

Mixed pumpkins at Little John Produce Market. Photo by Mark Nemec

The arrival of fall means mums, which in turn means that homecoming is right around the corner. Photo by Andrew Quinn

Leaves aren’t the only things falling. A pine cone rests on the ground. Photo by Katelyn Rivera

Fall decorations have begun to appear. Photo by Quanecia Fraser

Halloween decorations are stirring up a spooky vibe.
Photo by Caitin Jester

Fall begins with pumpkins appearing outside of Tractor Supply. Photo by Ashley Inge

A small scarecrow reminds us fall has arrived.
Photo by Maggie Mankin

A lone pumpkin. Photo by Mark Nemec.

Starbucks in Stephenville is now using orange pumpkin cups to celebrate fall.
Photo by McKenzey Burke

Residential leaders promote the fall spirit in Honors Hall by
decorating bulletin boards with seasonal decor. Photo by Andrew Quinn

Traditions North Residential Hall has decorated the common area to celebrate a fall atmosphere. Photo by McKenzey Burke

Silhouette of trees in a fall sunset. Photo by CaiAyhn Ford

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