Photo Essay: Tarleton celebrates Valentine’s Day

Students, faculty members and staff found different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Some thought of flowers and sweets for their sweethearts, while others found the way to their loved one’s heart was through the stomach with delicious food. Others channeled their love into celebration of Tarleton, penning notes for a “Wall O’Love.” However they chose to observe Valentine’s Day, with gifts of things or time, Texans enjoyed the warm day to express their warmth for others.

Valentine’s Day flowers. Photo by Kaylee Blunn

Paper hearts in Fine Arts Center. Photo by Hunter Island

Walmart stocks up for Valentine’s Day. Photo by Malik Petties 

A baby’s feet form a heart. Photo by Avery Weatherman

Dinner for the love of my life. Photo by Malik Petties

Decorations in the Fine Arts Center show some love. Photo by Hunter Island

Student notes about what they love about Tarleton at the library’s Wall O’ Love. Photo by Nadine Akomeah

Love brings out the best in people. Sa’Mon Cooper and Channing Taylor take a goofy picture on Valentine’s Day,. Photo by Brian Martin

Mail in your worst date experience at #BSMSHIPS. Photo by Hunter Island

Strings of hearts at the Mathematics Building. Photo by Nadine Akomeah

Don’t steal my heart…buy one! Walmart featured a display of Valentine’s balloons. Photo by Brian Martin

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