Pluckers: wings, sports and beer (5 out of 5 Stars)

Aida Delgado

Texan News Service

Need to watch one of the football games but don’t have the NFL Network or ESPNU? Maybe you haven’t had a chance to get the best TV and wifi services for your home by looking at things like centurylink promotions? Or maybe you can’t decide whether to watch soccer or basketball? That will be the least of your worries when you go eat at Pluckers Wing Bar in Arlington, Texas.

The inside of Pluckers is a sports fan’s fantasy world. Let’s begin with the first thing that catches your eye: the projector that covers more than 1/3 of the wall. There is a multitude of TV’s in this establishment, all broadcasting different sports, of course. You won’t even miss any of the action with a trip to the restroom: there are TV’s in the mirrors, and as you wash your hands, you can watch the game. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

The only problem with all the games going on is that at times it can get very loud. I found myself raising my voice quite a bit in order for the server to hear my order. The servers are very nice and if there is a game that you want to watch that is not displayed, you can simply ask them to change the channel. They are pretty good about accommodating customers’ needs; they do all they can to keep you happy.

Before having the main course, I started with an appetizer: I just loved their chips and queso. The chips were warm and crunchy while the cheese was simply delicious! It was melted, but not to the point that it would drip off your chip. You can taste the bits of tomato and a little bit of the spiciness from the jalapeno that was mixed in.

The thing that makes Pluckers stand out from other restaurants is the size and taste of their wings. They are triple the size of Wingstop wings and a lot juicier. They have several different kinds of flavors; I ordered the spicy lemon pepper and honey barbecue. These bone-in wings have a mixture of a mildly spicy taste with a mix of lemon pepper tanginess. The lemon flavor is strong, but not so sour you can’t stand the taste. The spiciness nicely balances out the acidic flavor.

My companion ordered the boneless wing basket with honey barbecue as the flavor of choice. The honey barbecue is very sweet, sticky and moist. It oozes barbecue sauce, so you will need the wet wipes after you are finished (unless you just feel like licking the barbecue sauce right off of your fingers). The boneless wings are more like gigantic chicken tenders. They are soft and can easily be cut into little pieces to dip into your ranch or honey mustard sauce.

I ordered waffle fries as my side and you can tell they make them to order. The fries arrived at my table very warm, soft and a bit crunchy on the outside. I can say they were the perfect waffle fries.

The prices at Pluckers are very reasonable. The appetizers cost about $5 and you get a lot of what you order. They have daily specials that make you want to keep going back and bring your family with you. For example, kids eat free on Tuesdays, and on Thursday they have the all-you-can-eat boneless wings for $13.99 per person. Not only is it unlimited wings, but also unlimited fries as well. My brother ordered the boneless wing basket and he must have had 4 servings. The server said they bring out a fresh batch of fries with every serving of wings.

I give Pluckers five out of five stars because not only did I feel like I was treated well, I really enjoyed my food. On a normal weekday, you get seated automatically or within five minutes. However, if there is a major game, for instance, a playoff or Championship game, you may find yourself waiting for up to an hour for a table. Other than the occasional long wait, I have no complaints about Pluckers. The servers are very friendly and the manager is always on site making sure customers are content with the service.

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