Pro-Life group demonstrates to the students of Tarleton

By: Nicholas Ratcliff

Multimedia Journalist

The Justice for All christian non-profit organization has recently held a demonstration at Tarleton State University, where they informed the students on their Pro-Life opinion.

While standing in front of the dining hall located beside the Barry B. Thompson Student center on campus, the Justice for All organization passed out pamphlets containing a variety of information about the topic of abortion. This pamphlet included graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, pictures of a baby developing at different stages and a couple of links that take the viewer to more detailed information.

Fliers and posters explaining when life begins.
Photo By: Nicholas Ratcliff

Mary St. Hilaire, a training specialist who works for The Justice for All non-profit, was present at the event to help clarify where this organization stood on the topic at hand.

St. Hilaire said, “We are a pro-life organization, so we believe that life begins at conception, that there is a whole human organism at that moment of fertilization.”

On top of passing out pamphlets, the group had several posters set up explaining the information that was laid out in the pamphlets. The non-profit had numerous volunteers participating who would speak to the students of Tarleton as they wandered by. These conversations included people from all walks of life, who had a variety of opinions on the topic of abortion.

St. Hilaire noted the importance of these conversations and said, “We try to teach people how to be able to talk about the science, and then also like combine that with the more philosophical arguments of when do we apply value, and what does give us value as human beings.”

The Justice for All organization tours around college campuses across the nation and normally makes it to about five or six universities a semester. The group’s goal is to make abortion unthinkable. To meet their goal, the group talks to people all over the country respectfully about the topic of abortion and unintended pregnancy.

St. Hilaire goes on to add that “because of what we base our equality on as human beings who are born and already walking around, we base our equality on the fact that we are human. So, if we use that view as humanist or having a human nature, the basis for our equal right to life, then we have to include all humans, and if we believe the unborn is human, then abortion is killing an innocent human being.”

 Justice for All takes a more understanding approach than most pro-life organizations.

The justice for all group had a voting booth where they were trying to survey how the students of Tarleton felt about this issue.
Photo By: Nicholas Ratcliff

 St. Hilaire stated, “We acknowledged how difficult unintended pregnancy is, we acknowledge the difficulties that come with rape, with incest, with being really poor and not being able to provide with a child, with having medical problems and so we really think it’s important that we see equal value essentially in the child and the mother”

This organization, however, does not mean the organization believes in making exceptions based on these issues.

“We really sympathize with people who have gone through that. I’ve had friends who have been raped, and I’m not gonna pretend like that was an easy thing for them to go through, but in order to be consistent with our view on what the unborn is, if they are actually human then it doesn’t matter how they were conceived.”

St. Hilaire goes on to explain that “if you were to look at two ultrasounds of an unborn child and one was a product of rape and one wasn’t you wouldn’t see a difference.”

 Even though they are very firm in their stance about abortion St. Hillaire has this to say, “This issue, it’s very difficult. It’s very complex, but it doesn’t have to be so polarizing, we have a lot of common ground with pro-choice people, we just have to take the time to look for it.”

For more information on Justice for All, you can visit their website at

*This is not a representation of Texan News Services’ view or stance on this issue.

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