Purple Poo return in time for 100-year celebration

By: Sierra Wells

Multimedia Journalist

Following the end of their interim suspension, the Purple Poo student spirit organization is once again active at Tarleton State University in time to complete their centennial celebration.

Joining together to form what is now known as the Purple Poo, the Ten Tarleton Peppers were founded in 1921, and the Ten Tarleton Sisters were founded in 1923, marking 2021 as the organization’s 100-year anniversary.

The Purple Poo were back on campus for homecoming week.
Photo By: Sierra Wells

Serving as the oldest spirit organization in Texas, the Purple Poo have been generating Texan pride for many years.

According to the Purple Book, members of the organization keep their identities a secret until they either unmask themselves at the Leadership and Service Awards Ceremony or have themselves pictured in the “Grassburr” yearbook before graduating.

The Purple Poo are known for their festive, creative signs which can be seen on Tuesday mornings on campus.

Freshman Allysen Cox is glad the Purple Poo are back to continue carrying out their traditions.

Cox said, “I think it’s great that they’re back on campus. I’m glad they could come back for their 100-year anniversary. It’s significant because of how much spirit they bring and how we need to celebrate their beginning and return. I love all of the Purple Poo traditions.”

The Tarleton State University Magazine for Spring/Summer 2021, featuring the Purple Poo’s 100-year anniversary on the cover.
Photo of the Magazine Cover By: Sierra Wells

After being suspended on March 31, the festivities surrounding the organization’s 100-years on campus came to a halt. The Purple Poo remained in suspension until they completed an eight-step action plan.

The final step of the action plan took place during National Hazing Prevention Week when the organization hosted a campaign against hazing.

The Purple Poo were granted permission to attend Tarleton’s Official Class Ring Ceremony on Sept. 10 before their suspension concluded.

When asked what factors went into the decision to allow the Purple Poo to attend this event, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications Cecilia Jacobs said, “Permission was based on the organization’s progress in completing its action plan. At the time permission was granted, the [Purple] Poo had completed 90% of its plan for organizational improvement.”

All of Tarleton felt the impact of the Purple Poo’s suspension.

Sophomore Laine Williams is hesitant about the Purple Poo being back on campus so soon after their indiscretions.

“I feel like even though the Purple Poo are a significant part of Tarleton’s traditions, this does not mean they are exempt from punishment. I don’t think they should’ve come back mainly because actions have consequences, especially for hazing,” Williams said. “I feel like it being their 100-year anniversary should be a reflection back on past generations of [Purple] Poo and how they acted and treated their brothers and sisters and everyone on campus.”

Though they are no longer suspended, the Purple Poo will remain on disciplinary probation for the duration of spring 2022.

Detailing what probation will mean for the organization, Jacobs said, “Disciplinary probation is a warning that any further violation may result in more serious consequences, including suspension or expulsion.”

Despite the hardships they faced this past year, the Purple Poo will continue spreading spirit to the Tarleton community.

Texan News Service contacted the President of the Purple Poo Alumni Association Tim Wells and Purple Poo Faculty Advisor Kristy O’Keefe for comment and did not receive a response from either party.

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