Rape Aggression Defense courses taught by Tarleton Police Sergeants

By Rachel LaCroix—

Associate Producer/Multimedia Journalist

Photo Courtesy of Tarleton Media Relations

Kristie Bint, a Tarleton State University Police Department sergeant, has been teaching the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) for women since she first came to Tarleton 18 years ago. She has been working with Tarleton to accomplish the goal of empowering women to fight back against aggressors and have the knowledge to avoid dangerous situations.

“Most women, they’re not taught to fight, they’re taught to be nice,” Bint said. “The minute they do decide to stand up they get called the ‘b’ word.”

According to Empower Wyoming, one in five women will be raped during their lifetime. They also recorded that one in five women are sexually assaulted while in college.

Amanda Miller is another Tarleton Police Department sergeant teaching these classes. R.A.D. classes are designed to educate women on the laws and options they have if they need to defend themselves and how to do it. The classes are free of charge and offered to women of all ages in the community and spread out over four classes every fall and spring semester. Attendees don’t have to attend every class to complete the course, but it is recommended to help with muscle memory.

“90% of self-defense is education,” Miller said. “10% are the scenarios you just saw, all the kicking butt, but that’s just 10% of it. It’s making you aware to hopefully avoid those situations and see them happening or be able to call 911 if you see it’s about to happen to someone else.”

After attending the course, they hope attendees feel more confident and empowered to deal with any situation they are faced with. When asked, the class gave a resounding “yes” that they feel more confident in their ability to defend themselves.

AJ Jenkins, a junior criminal justice major, said, “For this program, you don’t have to be strong to do it. It’s just minimum things you can do to prevent things from happening.”

To get involved with the self-defense courses offered in the fall semester, contact the Tarleton Police Department at 254-968-9002.

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