Residents give Bender, Ferguson a makeover

By Bethany Kyle—


Additional reporting by Rebecca Hernandez


President Dottavio stopped by to lend a hand.
(Photo by Cameron Cook, Texan News Service)

Freshmen living in Bender and Ferguson Halls are getting their chance to leave their mark on Tarleton.

With plans for the two long-standing residence halls to come down at the end of this academic year, all students living in Bender and Ferguson are allowed to paint their rooms, a unique opportunity that no other residence hall on campus is getting.


Residential Coordinator Juana Moncada helps some of her residents paint a room pink.
(Photo by Cameron Cook, Texan News Service)

“Tarleton will not be the same without the community Bender and Ferguson inspire. You will not find a closer-knit family than right here. I am glad they are making it their own for the remaining year they have left in this hall since it will be the last time we will use the facility,” Residential Coordinator Juana Moncada said.

Students are provided with one gallon of any color of paint they choose, along with painting supplies and craft paints for details.

90 rooms have already signed up, with 16 of the rooms kicking off the painting on Sept. 8. Students will spend the next few weeks working on their projects.

“The goal is to leave the facility with a brand new feel and instill pride and a sense of community to this hall,” said Director of Residential Living & Learning Bobby Waddell.

The students’ plans range from simple solid colored walls to detailed murals.


Freshman Nursing major Mia Jones prepares to paint her wall gray.
(Photo by Cameron Cook, Texan News Service)

“It’s a way for them to express who they are,” Moncada said.

Roommates Marissa Maas and Yasira Smith are painting their room a light purple color. They said that getting to paint their walls has made them more excited about living in Ferguson and will make the residence hall feel more like home.

“My room is purple at home too,” Maas added.

In another room, freshmen Mia Jones and Lexus Gutierrez socialized with friends as they painted the walls gray.

“Its fun,” Jones said, “And you get to use your creative side.”

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