Revive Wellness returns to Tarleton

By: Kyley Wilhite

Associate Producer

Revive Wellness is coming back to Tarleton State University’s campus, but what does this mean for students?

Revive Wellness is a program set up to offer healthier lifestyles for Tarleton faculty and staff members.

According to an email sent out by Revive Director Amy McKay, the Revive program accepts help from volunteer Kinesiology students who want to influence the lives of campus employees.

Revive’s mission statement and overall goal says, “Promoting holistic health across campus and a positive work atmosphere.”

Revive Wellness Director Amy McKay
Photo courtesy: Tarleton Faculty List

McKay organized a fruit bowl drive starting for staff and faculty at Tarleton. This drive was used to deliver fruit to staff outside their offices in order to encourage “healthy and active employees” McKay said.

“They distributed a variety of different fruits: bananas, apples, oranges, limes and even lemons. Faculty has pretty much eaten all of the fruit except the lime and lemon,” Communication studies Professor Christopher Gearhart said.

When asked about the effectiveness of the program, Dr. Jennifer Edwards said, “I was particularly happy about it because I was really busy that day and didn’t have time to eat really. So, this added some healthy foods to sustain me throughout the day.”

In the email sent to faculty and staff, McKay introduced new Revive Wellness Coordinator Audrey Johnston, who will help get Revive Wellness back up and running.

“The program strives to provide experiences that will enrich the lives of Tarleton employees in all aspects of wellness,” Johnston said.

The Revive team hosts events and creates an active environment for wellness options. This mission was launched by Tarleton President James Hurley and is a continuation of last semester.

“Walking Wednesday” at the James Earl Rudder Statue began Feb. 2. This is be an opportunity for employees to receive a new pair of Bombas socks from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“Mark your calendars,” McKay said.

For those who like to read, Revive also offers a book club. 

The club is currently reading “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. This is a month-by-month opportunity to read a book with your fellow employees and meet once a month for lunch to discuss your thoughts.

“Revive Wellness builds solid learning foundations for our students and creates healthy and happy employees. As a result, both students and employees are creating a better campus for one another,” Johnston said.

Revive Wellness is a year-round program.

For more information about Revive Wellness, please visit their website and social media outlets. Email if you have any questions or concerns about the program.

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