Ruby’s Texas Bistro celebrates seven years

By: Sierra Wells

Managing Editor

Offering a unique dining experience, Ruby’s Texas Bistro has served the residents of Stephenville for seven years.

Ruby’s Texas Bistro.
Photo by: Sierra Wells

“The food is incredible. The food is so good. I’ve worked here for four years, and for the most part, I haven’t really gotten tired of the menu because it’s just really big,” Manager Heather Burns said.

Their menu has a wide range of options, including sandwiches, soups, salads, tacos, desserts and more. Burns says some popular items on the menu are the Clucker part 1, Clucker part 2, German Clucker, bratwurst plate, enchiladas and shrimp tacos.

“I don’t get complaints on the menu. The only time I really get a complaint is about the price sometimes, but the food servings are huge,” Burns said. “I’m not serving a quarter pounder at McDonalds. That is a half a pound burger. You’re going to get full by the end of it; you’re not going to need two.”

Ruby’s Texas Bistro is open six days a week. According to Burns, the restaurant is usually busiest on Tuesday as well as Friday and Saturday nights.

“Friday nights and Saturday nights, starting at 5:30, we start selling steaks, so that brings a lot of people in,” she said. “And then like Wednesday and Thursday just kind of like flip flops, so like if one day’s busy, the other one won’t be.”

Despite being in a town filled with college students, most of the business that comes from Tarleton State University is from the professors rather than students.

“I don’t get a lot of like Tarleton students unless like y’all are coming out on like a date. I’m more of a date night to y’all type of thing, but y’all’s professors love to hang out here,” Burns said.

Burns’ favorite part about working at Ruby’s Texas Bistro is the people she is surrounded by each day, including her coworkers and customers.

“Everybody here gets along really well. So, it’s super nice to come in and be like, ‘Oh, I get to work with so-and-so today,’ and it just kind of put a little pep in your step because you like working with that person,” Burns said. “Whereas, like, with the customers and stuff, everybody’s super different, and so it’s super interesting to see all the different stories that come through.”

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