Scooter’s Coffee opens in Stephenville

By: Taite Read

Graphic Designer 

Scooter’s Coffee in Stephenville, Texas, brings an exciting new business to our community.

Jim and Kelly Dortch opened this franchise location on March 28. It offers a unique experience to each customer.

According to Scooter’s website, their brand promises, “Amazing People, Amazing Drinks… Amazingly fast.” 

The first Scooter’s was opened in 1998 in Bellevue, Nebraska. There are more than 400 Scooter’s locations, and they are still growing all over the world. 

Evie Dortch, a Scooter’s barista, explained how their coffee is different.

“We only work with two farmers out of Costa Rica to obtain our coffee bean, and we only roast from the top 10% of specialty coffee beans in the world,” Evie said. 

The menu has a wide variety of drinks, including red bull infusions, teas, smoothies and hot, iced or blended coffees. The Caramelicious is the franchise’s signature drink.

Scooter’s also offers sweet treats, breakfast burritos, muffins, sandwiches and much more. 

Brinn Vinklarek, a junior at Tarleton State University, was happy to see another option for coffee in Stephenville. 

“I have been looking forward to it opening,” Vinklarek said.

Scooter’s in Stephenville, across from the HEB.
Photo by: Taite Read

Evie describes the company’s goal to get drinks out as fast as possible.

“It’s our goal to get your drink to you in two minutes or under, so that you can scoot in and scoot out,” Evie said. 

Vinklarek went to Scooters the morning they opened and had a positive experience. 

“It was pretty good, and quick,” Vinklarek said.

When you order a drink, you might notice a smiley face sticker on your cup. This is a special touch that co-founder Linda Eckles added to the drinks. 

The smiley face stickers and speedy experience reflect Scooter’s customer service. 

“The staff was really friendly,” Vinklarek said. 

Scooter’s has an app where you can see the full menu with prices. When you order your first drink on the app, you can receive half off. 

“We are excited to bring this to Stephenville, we are excited to introduce Scooter’s to this part of Texas,” Jim and Kelly said.

Scooter’s is located off of Washington St. across from the HEB with hours from 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and later opening hours on the weekends. 

Scooter’s is a part of the growth in the Stephenville community that will bring more job opportunities and unique experiences to Stephenville. 

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