SGA passes two bills

By Makenzie Plusnick—

Opinion Editor

The Student Government Association passed two pieces of legislation Wednesday. The first piece, resolution C-19, was sponsored by Michelle Cooper and Tyler Schuster, congresswomen for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Resolution D-19 was sponsored by Cyler Frost, congressman for the College of Graduate Studies, and Nicole Barnes, congress person for the College of Education.

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Resolution C-19 moved to add a continuous sidewalk behind the business building, all the way to the intersection at Lillian Street and Washington Street. Cooper and Schuster noticed that students walking from the baseball field parking lot struggle to get across campus without walking on the grass, breaking the Tarleton tradition of staying off the grass. They also voiced their concern about the safety of students who must walk along the grass on the side of the road and through parking lots. The members of SGA voted unanimously to pass the resolution.

Resolution D-19 was inspired by the piece of legislation that failed the week before. The failed legislation, B-19, moved to allow seniors to register during early registration. During this meeting, members of SGA suggested that instead of adding seniors to early registration, Tarleton should add more sections of courses that students struggle to get into. Frost took these suggestions and wrote Resolution D-19.

“Within thirty minutes, I found over 15 courses that were full or had been dropped that are anywhere from 300-400 level or below,” Frost said. “There are several courses like that at Tarleton. I feel like they need to add sections. Students have complained about not being able to get into certain courses they need to graduate.”

Frost added that this could cost the university “millions of dollars.” He was unsure about what times the university would have to schedule these classes for, or if online classes could be an option. SGA members told Frost they appreciate his concern about this topic.

They voted unanimously to pass this bill.

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