SGA passes two pieces of legislation

By Makenzie Plusnick—

Opinion Editor

SGA passed two pieces of legislation at Wednesday’s meeting. Resolution F-19 moved to block off a section of seating at sporting events for spirit organizations. Resolution G-19 moved to add a better shuttle schedule and provide transportation both on and off campus.

Photo Copy of Resolution G-19

Desirae Garcia, congressperson for Freshman Representative Council, sponsored Resolution F-19. The resolution reads, “Tarleton spirit organizations traditionally sit in the same sections, next to each other at on campus events; and whereas These sections are being overrun by students outside of said spirit organizations, leaving the spirit organizations with limited seating.”  The resolution suggested that student organizations, like the Purple Poo, PANKUS, and Plowboys, have rows of seating roped off to remedy the problem.

Photo Copy of Resolution F-19

Members of SGA questioned how many seats would need to be reserved.

“I think each year it would depend on how big the organization is and where it was at,” Garcia said. “For example, we would have to reverse more seats at the football stadium than we would in Wisdom gym. Ideally what we need at this point is roughly three rows of seating in Wisdom and I think roughly four rows of seating within the football stadium, but as the organizations grow that might have to change.”

Another member questioned if roping off a section could decrease the number of students outside of organizations attending these events.

“I don’t think it would take away from that, because we’re not trying to take any of what is the student section. We’re trying to rope off the sections we already stand in,” Garcia responded.

            Members of PANKUS attended the meeting to show their support. Resolution F-19 passed unanimously.

            Resolution G-19 was sponsored by Adrian Manning, congressperson for the Multicultural Student Organization, and Caleb Gibbons, Commuter Congressperson. It moved to have a shuttle service for both on and off campus to aid students who do not have forms of transportation as well as prevent hazards that may occur from these students walking to their desired locations.

            Manning said that, though the apps are not a bad idea, they do not seem to solve the shuttle service issues.

            “I know many students who request for a pick up at a location at a certain time, but it could be more efficient because I know many students who request a pick up at a certain time, but it doesn’t arrive till 30 minutes later when they are already walking,” he said.

            Members of SGA spoke about their support of this piece and the improvement of the shuttle system. The resolution passed unanimously.

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