SGA president vetoes controversial conceal and carry legislation

By Sara Gann-

Read story about legislation passing here

Earlier today, Student Government Association (SGA) President Jay Johnson vetoed the recent bill to either approve the conceal and carry bill on campus, also known as the personal protection bill, that came through the Student Senate and House of Representatives on March 18.

The legislation passed through the Student Senate with 12 in favor and 9 against, a close vote.

“I feel that does not constitute moving forward with a bill that has such an impact on all walks of campus life,” explained Johnson in his statement.

“I have made this decision to uphold my duty to ensure student welfare and safety,” the statement said, while also providing an excerpt from the SGA Constitution. The SGA constitution states that student government should “recommend policy to the university administration in regards to the issues that affect student welfare.

The format of the legislation also led to the veto. Johnson explained that the bill included “opinionated statements and misinformation” and would not reflect well on SGA if the bill were passed.

In order to override the veto, both two thirds of the Student Senate and House of Representatives must vote for the bill to be passed. The next House of Representatives meeting is April 1, and the next Senate meeting will be April 15.

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