SGA’s Presidential Debate

By Makenzie Plusnick

Opinion Editor

Photo courtesy of the Growing Tradition 2019 Facebook page

The Student Government Association (SGA) held a Presidential Debate last night. Presidential nominee, Tyler Schuster, and her running mate and vice president nominee, Brendan Gore, are running unopposed. The debate had two sections with questions moderated by the current president and vice president, as well as an open question and answer session.

Schuster and Gore’s opening statement was about their platform, which has three parts; students, involvement in Stephenville’s community, and growing tradition, which is also their campaign slogan.

“Tarleton is growing, we all know that and we have all read about it. We want to help Tarleton grow, but we want to preserve our past as well and pass down those traditions and carry them on. That’s kind of why we’re here too,” Schuster said.

The pair also expressed their desire to get involved with other organizations to find out what is important to students.

“We see that attending Greek meetings would be a benefit to us as well as other organizations, so that we see what the students are doing and what they’re in,” Schuster explained.

A hot topic at the debate was how the pair plans on making SGA and Tarleton a more diverse place.

“So, as we said, we plan on attending meetings from all organizations on campus. Not just Greek life or the big organizations on campus, from the smallest organization to the biggest organization. We really do care and we want to hear what their concerns are and what they have to say,” Gore said. “So as this university grows, it can grow into filling everyone’s need, as well as with diversity organizations and every organization on campus and every student on campus.”

“Change is coming, change is happening, and we want to be able to help those organizations grow and those communities grow,” Schuster said.

The pair ended the debate with statements on why they think students should vote for them.

“If you take anything away from this, we want you to take away that we are here for you and we want to do what we can for you and the university, and we’re ready to take on this role because our passion and our past experiences have prepared us for this,” Schuster said.

“We are here for you guys and we do care what you have to say and what you think about this university and that will help us do the best job that we could possibly do,” Gore concluded.

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