Stephenville High School hopes to win state again this year

By Kelsey Pharr – 

After winning the 3A state championship, one year after dropping down a division from last year. Stephenville High School head football coach Joseph Gillespie believes the Yellow Jackets can do it again this year.

“I think, humbly not arrogantly, it’s going to sound arrogant but, I think what is unique about Stephenville and these kids are they believe every year no matter the circumstances. Only time can tell,” Gillespie said.

(Courtesy of Stephenville ISD)

(Courtesy of Stephenville ISD)

Last season, Gillespie brought home his third state championship in Stephenville’s first year in division 3A, when traditionally   they have been in division 4A. This is his first championship win since two consecutive wins in 1998 and 1999. “Everyone gets sweeter each year,” he said.

Gillespie said he finds it important to “create memories that last a life time” for players. There would be nothing more memorable, he says, than bringing home two consecutive championships like Gillespie has done in the past.

This team has lost many good players, but there will be a combination of returning players as well as several new ones. “You remember the way you finish, but it’s a new team,” he said. “It will be a challenge, but a fun challenge. I am very excited about where we are at.”

Jarrett Stidham is one player who will be an important part of this new team. Stidham was a starting wide receiver, but this next season, he will be starting as the team’s quarterback.

“He is a tremendous athlete, very gifted and intelligent, and humble,” Gillespie said.

Mookie Carlile is another important player to this team. Carlile is a third-year starter at the safety position. He is also a two time all-state player. “Both players are great young men and intelligent academicians,” Gillespie said.

Gillespie said that Stephenville has an astounding support system for the Yellow Jackets. “We have tremendous community support, admission support, and a great staff,” he said. “With all of these ingredients, we can do it again, we believe. Only time can tell.”

Edited by McCoy Renfro and Trevor Peele

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