Stephenville Lions Club donates walker to local boy

Makenzie Plusnick


Jodie Shelton Baker was shocked when just a few minutes after her husband placed her son’s walker outside of their home on August 3, it was gone.

“He remembered to text me to let me know it was out at about 9:45… at which point I am in the back of the house with my son, Ian. I finally read the text at 10:10 and head outside to move it near the porch, which is when I noticed it was gone,” Jodie recalled.

Photo courtesy of Jodie Shelton Baker

The walker belonged to her nine-year-old son, Ian, who has Global Developmental Delays. These delays effect Ian in all areas of development, like speech and motor skills.

“He gets around the house by army crawling and we use a walker or wheelchair when we are in public, depending on the distance that he’ll need to travel. The walker is also used during his physical therapy sessions to help strength his core, agility, and stamina. He also uses his walker to get around his school/classroom,” Jodie explained.

Despite his struggles, Ian is compassionate and kind.

“Ian gives the best hugs and always seems to know when you really need one, at which point he’ll give two or three more,” Jodie said.

Jodie’s husband reported the stolen item to the police.

“A policeman by the name of James came by the house to get my statement and to patrol the neighborhood. I also showed and emailed him some pics of the walker so that he would know what to search for. He asked us to let him know if we see any other suspicious activity and let us know that pawn shops would let the police know if they saw it,” Jodie recalled.

Jodie posted about the incident on the Facebook group, Erath County BREAKING NEWS.

“Someone took off with my sons pediatric walker this morning while it was sitting in my front yard. Please bring it back…. My son needs it to get around school,” the post read.

This post received 379 reactions, 135 comments, and 98 shares. Cindy Watson saw the post and felt moved to get involved.

Watson, Stephenville Lions Club District Governor, promptly took action.

“We do a lot of work with the disabled and I knew we would want to help out. So, I sent a message to our President and some others on the Lions Club Board of Directors. When they heard about the story, they immediately wanted to help,” she recalled.

Together, with a local medical supply company, the club was able to tell Jodie and Ian that they were donating a new walker.

“Tanglewood Medical Supply also gave us a very good discount on the walker to help us with the cost. They should be recognized also! We are just glad to have seen the post on Facebook and to be able to help them,” Watson concluded.

Jodie was touched by the club’s kindness.

“My reaction was shock. His reaction… hard to tell. Not sure if he understood the magnitude of the gesture. Think he had assumed everything would work out… Look was more of an ‘I told you so,’” Jodie said.

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