Stephenville PD tests new system to keep community ‘in the know’

By K’Leigh Bedingfield – 

The Stephenville Police Department is currently testing a new system that could potentially keep the community “in the know” if adopted.

The new system, Nixle, is an automated service that sends out notifications about different types of alerts to those who are registered via email, text or through social media. According to Nixle’s website, it is a company that “provides communities throughout the country with news and information that is both proximate and personally relevant.”

(Courtesy Stephenville Police Department)

(Courtesy Stephenville Police Department)

The system is free to law enforcement, and it allows them to send out alerts to the community faster through different and multiple communication channels. Three levels of notifications can be sent out through the system such as emergency alerts, advisories and community information.

The police department tested the system last week with an alert about a road closure on Washington Street, and they have sent out a few more alerts according to their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Lt. Jason Halsey from the police department said they “wanted to have a system to keep in contact with the community.” They started the system last Thursday and have had 40-50 people register for the alerts within the past few days.

Discussion about adopting the system is still underway, because the police department is waiting to see if any of the city departments will use it as well. They plan on continuing the use of the system but are still working out the details.

Users can register for the alerts in multiple ways including Nixle’s website, mobile application, text and the Stephenville Police Department’s website. To register by phone, users can text their desired ZIP code to 888777.

For more information, visit the Stephenville Police Department’s Facebook, Twitter and website.

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