Student Government Association votes on early registration bill

By Makenzie Plusnick—

Opinion Editor

The Student Government Association Wednesday voted down legislation that would allow seniors to register during early registration. Cyler Frost, representative for the College of Graduate Studies, and Nicole Barnes, representative for the College of Education, proposed Resolution B-19. The vote was 20-4 against the bill.

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Resolution B-19 was written with the intention of allowing seniors to register during early registration, which is currently reserved for honor students, Texan Reps, NCAA athletes, marching band members and veterans. There are 2,255 students who qualify for early registration. This bill predicted that if seniors were able to register during early registration, 44 percent of students would be able to register early. This number does not reflect possible overlap of seniors and other students qualified for early registration.   

Several members of the Tarleton Veteran Association attended the meeting and their president, Juan Garcia, said most veterans go to school using the GI Bill, which provides educational assistance to veterans, and in order to be eligible for this bill, they must be fulltime students.

“Forty six percent of all student veterans have children, 46 percent all veterans that go to school have full time jobs, and 50 percent of veterans who go to school have a service-connected disability,” he said. “With having to hit full time, that allows them not to have to worry about maybe having to make that extra shift at work or maybe worry about that pay that they’re going to have to get. We start affecting that and retention rate will drop.”

“If you look at this with clear eyes, you might just see a well-written piece of legislation. What I see is catering. I don’t think Tarleton caters to veterans. I think Tarleton honors veterans, and it should be that way,” Garcia said.

Members of SGA expressed other concerns about the legislation as well. Some worried that if 44 percent of the student body was able to register early it would defeat the purpose of early registration. Other members wondered if the website could handle that many people trying to register.

The members of SGA voted primarily against passing the resolution, with 20 votes against and 4 for.

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