Student organizations compete for recycled supplies

Editor’s note: Changes to this article were made to reflect the new location.

By Carissa Gentry –

Tarleton State University students will once again participate in an annual recycling competition. The university’s different clubs and organizations will compete for recycled supplies from different businesses in Stephenville.

The contest will be held on April 6 in the West End Parking Lot parallel to Harbin Street and drop-offs will be accepted from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The goal is to receive 500 pounds of supplies. A grand prize will be given to whoever recycles the most supplies in pounds. There will be a winner in two categories, Greek and non-Greek organizations.

Students will go to different businesses and collect recycled waste ranging from paper and books to soft drink bottles, bubble wrap, trash bags, aluminum cans, tin food cans, scrap metal, automotive batteries, electric motors, hot water heaters, and appliances. The students are also encouraging businesses to recycle any electronic devices that they might have around the office too, such as printers and monitors. Whilst the students can’t recycle them, the business could consider contacting Premier Surplus to see if they could take any electronic devices and recycle them. Businesses and industries produce e-waste and junk in large quantities. These wastes contain toxic chemicals that could have detrimental effects on the environment as well as on human health. Perhaps recycling electronic trash, instead of dumping them might be a better solution. Businesses can have access to e waste recycling bin, which could be used to dispose of electronic waste safely.

For the contest, Stephenville businesses partner with the Department of Communication Studies’ Persuasion class. The class is divided into committees of advertising, recruitment, event set-up, and promotions. The members of the recruitment committee contact the organizations on campus and meet with those who are interested in participating. The organizations that want to participate will sign a commitment agreement and will receive a packet containing all the contest details. The student organization then ventures out to area businesses to recruit their help.

It’s just a friendly competition to promote recycling as well as electronic waste reduction activities. Indeed a lot of waste comes from throwing out electronics like printers or phones, which quickly adds up to many tonnes of garbage. Whilst many can be saved if the right printer or iphone repair parts are found, others can find new life if they are sent to recycling than to the garbage dump.

Communication Studies major Deborah Alexander says aside from promoting a greener attitude towards waste and electroncis, the competition is also to get students and businesses informed on Tarleton’s own recycling center. “I don’t think there’s many students at all that are even aware of the recycling center,” Alexander said. “By getting business involved, we can then get more of the community involved.”

The recycle center is located at the University Farm past the horse pens or the Environmental Services office at 511 N. Neblett St.

The Communication Studies class hopes to have more organizations compete this year. It’s taken quite a lot of time and dedication from the recruiting committee to get the organizations to compete.

“There are over a hundred organizations on campus, so our recruitment committee has been really busy focusing on the fraternities and sororities, as well as the academic clubs,” Alexander said. The goal is to have at least 25 organizations compete.

The most difficult part of the recruitment process has been getting a firm commitment from a group and then making sure they follow through with what they are supposed to do, Alexander said.

Professor Cristi Horton said her class started recruiting organizations to compete on Feb. 21, giving organizations a good six weeks to recycle.

Horton, who came up with the idea of the competition along with Dr. Jennifer Edwards, said this is only the second year for the competition, so they are learning as they go.

Last year they collected 100 pounds of recyclables. The department hopes to collect enough recyclables to make a difference.

Carissa Gentry is a communication studies major from Lone Oak, Texas.


Recyclable Items Include:
Paper: (Office paper computer paper, envelopes, fax paper, paper ream wrappers, newspapers, all shredded paper, all magazines and books, including phone books and file folders.) All cardboard. **Staples and paper clips are okay.
Plastic: Clear water and soft drink bottles, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, clear, black and white trash bags.
Metal: Aluminum cans, tin cans (food must be rinsed out), scrap metal and copper.
Miscellaneous: Automotive batteries, electric motors, hot water heaters, all appliances

Items they are not able to recycle include:
Colored Plastic Bottles or Jugs
Electronic Equipment
Plastic Folders

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