Students give their opinions on the new Chick-fil-A and food trucks

By: Madison Reed

Executive Producer

Over the last several weeks, the new food truck court and the updates made to the existing Chick-fil-A have been a topic of controversy for the Tarleton State University student body. Most students have enjoyed the new improvements, however, there are a few who think the changes have caused more problems than before, including making the wait time longer.

Gavin McIntosh
Photo By: Madison Reed

Junior Computer Science major Gavin McIntosh has enjoyed all the changes and additional alternatives for food.

“The new additions to campus have been amazing,” McIntosh said. “The full menu [at] Chick-fil-A [was] something I had personally been looking forward to all summer and so far it [does] not disappoint. The food trucks were a very welcome surprise and are a regular stop throughout my school week.”

In regard to his wait time McIntosh explained that though the lines can get long, which can cause the wait for his food to be significant, he has learned to work around it.

The line at Chick-fil-A.
Photo By: Madsion Reed

“While the Chick-fil-A wait times have…gotten worse since the update it isn’t the only option anymore,” McIntosh explained. “If I see there’s a long line when I walk through the doors, I have considerably more alternatives than last year.”

McIntosh says he frequents the food trucks and Chick-fil-A around four to six times a week.

“They [the food trucks] actually have cut down on my wait time because I have learned to call in my orders ahead of time at the food trucks. So, I can make my order, pick it up and get to my next class within ten minutes,” McIntosh said. “The same can’t be said for Chick-fil-A, and while I haven’t been late to class, I have been running behind on attending some meetings due to wait times.”

Allyson Black.
Photo By: Madison Reed

Sophomore Kinesiology major Allyson Black likes that there are more variations at the Chick-fil-A, including the salads and deluxe sandwiches. She said she has not yet gone to the food trucks, but was excited to find out that they took TexanBucks.

Black usually eats at the D-hall throughout the week but explained that she liked to go to Chick-fil-A and T-Birds every once in a while. She does not like that the new updates to Chick-fil-A because they have significantly added to her wait time.

“I have waited in that line for an hour,” Black said. “I’ve had to step out of line before in order to rush to a class, but I’ve never been late to class.”

Maddie Reed, a sophomore Communication Studies major said, “I like there being food on campus and available to me throughout the day. My favorite would have to be Chick-fil-A. If the line wasn’t always so long, I would go there more often.”

Though she likes all the additional options and availability of food, Reed admitted that she has been late to class waiting for a food truck.

Sophomore Wildlife, Ecosystem and Sustainability major Tristian Saxon has really enjoyed the new changes and updates to campus.

Saxon said, “I really enjoy the food trucks and Chick-fil-A a lot. I think they add a good food diversity especially since I don’t have a meal plan.” The food trucks can be found behind Wisdom Gym and include Barefoot Market, Crazy Hair Coffee, Petty’s Limited Menu, Hot Mess Food Express and Grape Ape Shaved Ice. T-Birds and Chick-Fil-A are located in the Barry B. Student Center at the heart of the Stephenville campus.

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