Students react to first African American woman on the Supreme Court

By: Michaela Dennis 

Staff Writer

Kentaji Brown Jackson made American history by becoming the first black woman confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice earlier this month.

President Joe Biden said he nominated Jackson as Supreme Court Justice because he admires her character. 

Her parents attended historically black colleges. Jackson father pursued a career in law which inspired her to follow in his footsteps.

President Biden and Judge Jackson embrace in celebration of her confirmation.
Photo courtesy: NBS News

Throughout her education, Jackson has been a successful scholar. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and returned as a law student graduating cum laude and editor of Harvard Law Review. 

Jackson resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two daughters.

Tarleton State University junior Sydney Brookins is the Public Relations Officer of Black Student Union. 

Brookins said she would like more women in politics because she believes women have a broader viewpoint than men. She hopes young black women will have more insight into politics and feel that they have a voice. 

“It’s very inspiring because I was discouraged in my personal life, so seeing someone persevere in their career is inspiring,” Brookins said.

Senior residential leader Jade Smith is elated that Jackson was elected, especially since people tried to discredit her. 

“Now with having Vice President Kamala Harris and the Supreme Court Justice be women it encourages women more than ever to be involved with politics,” Smith said. 

Sophomore Zemoni Hopkins is a squad leader in the Corps of Cadets. She believes having more women in politics will bring a positive change to our society because women have a different voice that needs to be heard. 

She is hopeful that men will begin to be open to seeing women in higher positions. 

“This will open their eyes to see how their stances could impact women,” Hopkins said.

Jackson’s confirmation has set a precedent for the future of politics and will inspire many more Americans as she serves on the Supreme Court.

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