Students start campus prayer group to bring ministries together

Haley BarnettAssociate Producer

Every other Friday morning a group of students meet at the bandstand in Heritage Park to pray together. The prayer group was started by Lexie Miller, a junior Digital Media major, and Brittany Felch, a junior Public Relations and Event Management major. They formed the idea while trying to think of a way for the different campus ministries at Tarleton to come together 

Brittany Felch was one of two students who created the prayer group.
Photo courtesy of Brittany Felch.

“I had actually been trying to think of a way since last semester to get the ministries together because I do have friends in other ministries and we never do anything together,” Felch said. 

This prayer gathering is open to anyone involved or not involved in a ministry on campus that wants to pray for the Tarleton. 

“It’s open to whoever wants to come and pray for campus and build community.” Miller said. “It happens every other Friday at the bandstand in Heritage Park and it starts at eight and goes until whenever people are done praying.” 

At the first campus prayer time, each student was asked what their vision was for the future of Tarleton. 

“Something I did at the first one was we laid out our visions for campus. Someone wrote down everyone’s vision for campus, so kind of praying through what that looks like and how we want to see that happen on campus,” Miller said.

Lexie Miller is one of two students who created the campus prayer group.
Photo courtesy of Lexie Miller.

Some student visions for the future of campus were extremely broad and others were specific. Miller said that these were some of the things that people were praying for on Friday. 

“Some of the visions talked about were to see revival break out on campus, to see everyone in my class get saved or to see 70 people by the end of the semester come to know Christ for the first time,” Miller explained.  

During the campus prayer time, students break off into groups. This gives them the opportunity to not only pray for campus, but to also pray for the people specifically within their groups. 

“We break off into groups so you get to know the people in your group, so you can pray for each other,” Miller said. “I think that if we have people getting together and praying specifically for campus and things to happen, I think there could be some miraculous change on campus.” 

The students that gather for campus wide prayer want everyone to feel welcome and see all of the ministries of Tarleton working together with the same goal in mind.  

“I just want it to be a campus-wide thing, for people to know there are ministries working together and praying for the campus,” Felch said. “It’s always a big thing to have one ministry…but it’s even a bigger thing to have multiple ministries working together for the same purpose.” 

They believe that prayer is extremely powerful and that they will see change happen on Tarleton’s campus because of prayer.  

“People do underestimate the power of prayer. You have a straight connection talking with the person who created you, the almighty God,” Miller said. 

They hope to have many more students join in the upcoming weeks.  

“I hope to see this grow to where we will have to have different groups meeting different places on campus,” Felch said. “Just to run out of room to meet as a whole group.” 

The next campus prayer group is Friday, Oct. 11 at the bandstands in Heritage Park at 8 a.m. and every other Friday following.  

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