Students talk highs and lows of residential living

By Jessica Parton and Dalton Wolverton-

Staff Writers

Bayley Chenault, Jack Cochran, Ariel Hall, Slayton Hatley, Shelby Hilton, Trent Lintzen, Madalynn Mitchell, Violet Newell, Jordan Palmer, Klarissa Perez, Ashley Perkins, Kaitlyn Shaw, and Veladee Soulivong also interviewed students for this story.

Tarleton students have a long list of complaints about campus residence halls, but most interviewed said they would still recommend their halls to other potential students.

In interviews late last year, students complained about bugs, flooding, water temperatures, damaged laundry facilities, and untimely maintenance workers.

A frequent complaint stems from hot water issues. Legacy Hall resident Kennedi Sloan says her shower often slows her down. If you’re having shower issues whether you’re a student or not, you’ll want to get in contact with a company like Fix It Right that can take care of your plumbing issues for you.

“My shower does not get hot quickly,” Sloan said. “I have to wait a few minutes before every shower, which makes it a little inconvenient when I am in a hurry.”

But then she also added that Legacy “is one of the nicest dorms on campus” and urged fellow students to “definitely live there.”

Business management student and residential leader Grant Mitchell of Mansfield says the pipes in Hunewell Annex sometimes bust in cold weather. He too would like “more consistent hot water in the showers.”

Still, Mitchell recommends the dorm to incoming students because of the sense of community that exists among Hunewell residents.

“I love it,” Mitchell said. “There’s no better place to live on campus. The facilities are not as nice as the newer halls, but you get community here that you don’t get elsewhere.”

Heritage Hall was new to the incoming students of 2014 and has already experienced its fair share of malfunctions. While most were minor complaints that were to be expected when opening a new hall, occupants of Heritage only experienced distress when heavy rain brought floods to the first floor.

Jordan Cummings, an 18-year-old student from Lampasas, said that though she has enjoyed residing in the new hall, she has had issues in her first-floor room when campus experienced heavy rain.

“The stairwell flooded on the first floor, so water came underneath the wall and flooded my room as well as the room across the hall,” said Cummings.

While Cummings moved to her suitemates’ side of the room during the duration of the repairs with the walls and carpet, the maintenance was no easy task, causing twice the amount of repairs.

“The first time they had gotten the carpet completely dry, and then the next morning there was standing water again,” explained Cummings.

Cummings also said that she would still recommend Heritage Hall to incoming students. While it is still fresh to campus, and working out the kinks, students have said the hall has been satisfactory and an influential living environment for new students.

Residents of Tarleton’s Texan Village, The Grove, Ferguson Hall, and Bender Hall are also experiencing problems with their personal air conditioning units. The problems extend to not being able to keep their rooms cool, and the air conditioning turning off randomly. It shouldn’t be impossible to get this fixed, considering it could be as simple as doing a google search into something like Portland air duct cleaning (location varies depending on where you live) and getting a professional to come and sort it out.

If you have experienced problems with the air conditioning in your student accommodation, you might want to consider investing in a portable air conditioner. For a comparison guide of all the latest portable air conditioning makes and models, go to the Coolest Gadgets website.

Lindsay Skinner, 20, from Fort Worth and a Ferguson Hall resident said that she could never get a consistent temperature in her room.

“The air conditioning is either too hot or too cold,” Skinner said. “It varies with the weather.”

Katie Lisle, 19, from Fort Worth, said, “When I first moved in, we had a problem with the air conditioner.”

“It wouldn’t cool properly, and we had a hard time getting the problem fixed,” she said.

Jeremiah Fontenot, a Bender Hall resident, said that the air conditioning and heating systems are not reliable, and neither of the two works properly all of the time. When it comes to getting this repaired, it could be as simple as the landlord getting in touch with a professional company like Beyond Heating and Cooling to get this fixed for the students.

Some residents of Bender Hall and Hunewell Annex also complained about the foul smell coming from their building.

Mayra Corona, a freshman from Vernon, said that she thinks the carpet is contributing to the displeasing smell in Hunewell Annex. Residential Leader Edward Alvarado also commented on the smell in his interview.

“The building and the bathroom smell, and there are bugs crawling around too,” said 18-year-old Henri Muludiki, a freshman living in Bender Hall.

Certain residents are also complaining about maintenance issues in Hunewell Annex and The Grove.

Katelyn Rivera, an 18-year-old living in Hunewell Annex said that she thinks maintenance is not doing their best.

“The halls are not kept up with, and maintenance could do a better job,” Rivera said.

Another Hunewell Annex resident, 18-year-old Erica Melendez, said that she thinks maintenance takes a long time to come and fix anything.

Residents at the “on-campus” apartments known as The Grove say they have endured less than satisfactory visits from the maintenance crew and desire a change with the current practices.

Katie Lisle, 19 of Fort Worth, recounts the untimely procedures of the maintenance workers that she and her roommates have encountered.

“We had to fill out two requests and call them twice before they actually came to fix the problem,” Lisle said.

Melissa Psencik, another Grove tenant from Jarrell has had similar issues after having problems with the laundry facilities.

“Every time we put in a maintenance request they never really fix the problem,” Psencik explained. “We also have to call at least two times in order to actually get a maintenance worker to come look at it,” she added.

Lisle said she “would definitely recommend The Grove to those students whose parents want them to live on campus, but they do not want a dorm, and want more freedom.”

And though he was talking about Hunewell specifically, Paige Heyes, Mineral Wells native and Residential Leader in Hunewell Annex, came close to captuing how many students feel about their residence halls.

“Every place will have its pros and cons,” she said.

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